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#DHJewish - Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities

This website offers a single access point to news, events, and projects on the intersection of Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities.

123 Cacher

This site in English and French provides access to kosher restaurants in various cities in France. You can also search by a variety of parameters.

2Eat: Israeli Restaurants

Searchable database of Israeli restaurants. You can search for restaurants by location, cooking style, meat, dairy, or pareve, and for those that have kosher certification. You can also print out coupons from the site.

70 Russian Speaking Jews who Shaped Israel

From the Jerusalem Post and the Genesis Philanthropy Group comes this website providing basic biographical information about 70 Russian speaking Jews who helped shape Israel in the areas of Government, Defense and Security, Zionism, Science and Research, Business and Industry, Arts and Culture, Medicine, Technology,and Sports.

929: Tanach Together

“Drawing its name from the 929 chapters of the Hebrew Bible, the project aims to get hundreds of thousands of Israelis from all walks of life to complete the corpus over three-and-a-half years by covering five chapters a week.” The goal of the Hebrew language site is to involve everyone in Bible study. “In addition, the site features explanatory videos and cultural artifacts—from comics to music clips—related to the weekly chapters and a detailed timeline allowing participants to track their progress; it can even read the Bible aloud to the visually impaired or those on the go. “

A Memory Map of Jewish Manchester

“Explore former sites of Jewish memory in the Cheetham Hill, Strangeways and Hightown areas of Manchester. Here you will find audio interviews, photographs, and information about more than 40 sites."

A Memory Map of the Jewish East End of London

“We have identified 70 sites so far that consistently occur in people’s recollection of the Jewish East End. These include schools and synagogues, street markets and cafes, cinemas and theatres, youth clubs and shops, amongst other places.”

A People Remembers: Documenting Terror Victims' Commemoration Sites

Created by Yossi Zur, father of Assaf who was killed in a terrorist bombing of a bus in Haifa, this searchable site in English and Hebrew documents the locations of sites dedicated to remembering the victims of terror attacks in Israel.

A to Z Facts on Israel

From the Zionist Organization of America comes this extensive collection of material on timely topics about Israel.

AHEYM: Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories

Housed at the University of Indiana, AHEYM—the acronym means "homeward" in Yiddish, includes approximately 800 hours of Yiddish-language interviews with 350 individuals, most of whom were born between 1900 and 1930. The interviews were conducted in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia.

AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee 

“The mission of AIPAC is to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel.” In addition to information about the organization and its work, there is a list of resources and contact information for Congress.

AMCHA Initiative

“The AMCHA Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating, documenting, educating about, and combating antisemitism at institutions of higher education in America.” Its site provides resources and reports about antii-Semitic instances on college campuses in the United States.

AMCHA: Israeli Centers for Holocaust Survivors and Second Generation

From this web site you can find out about the news and mission of the group and browse its archives dating back to 1995. Of particular note are the two sections of resources on finding relatives and entering claims for reparations.


The website of this group that “enables Israel’s youth to realize their potential, and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, religious values and Zionist ideals” provides information about its activities and schools in Israel.

About the Holocaust

“The World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), established with the goal of providing young people with essential information about the history of the Holocaust and its legacy. The interactive online tool includes a range of content — facts that all students should know, video testimonies of survivors, and the latest news updates about Holocaust educational programs and activities — all designed to address misinformation that circulates across social media and other internet forums.”

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Housed at the Jewish Theological Seminary, this site provides information about and access to the life and work of this leader of Conservative Judaism.

Academic Articles on the Weekly Torah Reading

Sponsored by Bar Ilan University, the divrei Torah here combine traditional Jewish sources with material from the secular world. Essays are available in Hebrew and English and date from 1996-2015.

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory

"The Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory is the prime gateway to 371 high quality resources for the study of Judaism, including access to library catalogs and to databases like RAMBI - Index of Articles in Jewish Studies." This searchable site list academic associations, libraries, archives, universities where Jewish studies are offered, research institutes, and a broad collection of relevant links. You can add a URL and check the most recent additions to the database as well.This is an excellent starting point. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.

Academy for Jewish Religion

The homepage of this New York based non-denominational seminary lists its course offerings for rabbis and cantors.

Academy for Jewish Religion

The homepage of this New York based non-denominational seminary lists its course offerings for rabbis and cantors, tuition, calendar, faculty, and degree requirements.

Academy of the Hebrew Language

This Hebrew and English web site comes from the official organization charged with the creation of new Hebrew words. Of particular interest is the list of new words that the academy has added to the Hebrew language.

Access Jewish Cleveland

Access to information about Jewish life and resources in Cleveland, Ohio including schools, synagogues, cemeteries and kosher facilities.

Accommodations from the Ministry of Tourism

Searchable database of Israeli hotels, hostels, B&Bs, camp sites and field schools from the Ministry of Tourism.

Adelaide Jewish Museum of Australia

This virtual museum focuses on Jewish life in Adelaide since the 1840s.

Agudath Israel

This is the umbrella organization of very traditional Orthodox communities. Its website describes the group's projects for the individual, the family and the community.

Ahaba Ve Ahva Multimedia

From this Egyptian Jewish synagogue in Brooklyn, New York comes this collection of recordings of the liturgy for various holidays.

This major portal for traditional Jewish material in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish has sections on a wide range of topics of Jewish interest.

AishDas Society

The goal of this group is ”bringing the fire back into Jewish spirituality in a way consistent with traditional teachings of the great spiritual leaders of the past.” In addition to information about the group, there is access to its mailing lists and publications. There is also an extensive set of resources on mussar.


This French language site offers online courses in a variety of areas of Jewish interest. It also list conferences in these areas. You can search the site or browse by conference, theme and organization.


Subtitled "The Jewish Chidrens Network," this traditional site has sections on the weekly parsha, Israel, the alphabet, a Hebrew phrase of the day, Torah heroes, Jewish holidays, and coloring pages.

Akron, Ohio

Created by the Jewish Community Board of Akron, this site provides news about events and services in the area for this community in Ohio.

Al HaTorah

“ALHATORAH.ORG is a one-stop Tanakh study resource, providing the texts, tools, techniques, and technology to help scholars, educators, and laypersons make Torah come alive in the home, classroom, and synagogue. Enter the site to explore 2,500 years of Biblical interpretation and enjoy a rich, multi-dimensional, learning experience.”

Al HaTorah

Describing itself as “a one-stop Tanakh study resource, providing the tools, techniques, and technology to make Torah come alive in the home, classroom, and synagogue,” you can search for a topic in the Bible, browse the site by the weekly parasha, see depictions of Biblical stories in art and obtain material for family learning. The site contains information about Biblical commentators and a dictionary of Biblical terms.

Alaska Jewish Museum

Located in Anchorage, “The Alaska Jewish Museum collects and preserves original documents, photographs, visual art, books, and artifacts that tell the story of the Jewish experience in Alaska.”

Alaska Jewish Museum

Part of the Jewish cultural center in Anchorage, this site provides information about the exhibits and events of the museum.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Created by the Jewish Federation of Great Albuquerque, this site provides news about events and services in the area for this community in New Mexico.


Yiddish and English site for the weekly newspaper The Algemeiner.

Aleph-Bet on the Net

The tutorials on this site are designed to reinforce vocabulary and spelling for beginning students of modern Hebrew. Some tutorials show words in Hebrew and ask for the English translation. Other tutorials display a series of simple words or phrases in English and ask the visitor to type in the Hebrew translation." Lessons are keyed to Encounters in Modern Hebrew by Edna Amir Coffin.

Aleppo Codex

A project of the Center for Online Judaic Studies, this site provides a collection of articles and images related to the Aleppo Codex, the earliest known Hebrew manuscript comprising the full text of the Bible. Written in the tenth century, it is considered the most authoritative and accurate text, both for the biblical text and for its vocalization and cantillation. Housed in The Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem, it is available here online.

Aliyah Adjustment Issues for Immigrant Youngsters

This site from Kav LaNoar provides resources and suggestions for families of new olim whose children are having difficulty adjusting to their new lives in Israel.

Aliyah Bet and Machal Virtual Museum

“This Virtual Museum relates the history and most of the names of the approximately 1,500 American and Canadian men and women, including Jews and Christians, who risked their lives in the service of the Jewish people from 1946 to 1949. The museum is sponsored by American Veterans of Israel, the organization of Aliyah Bet and Machal veterans in the United States and Canada. It draws upon the Aliyah Bet and Machal Archives in the University of Florida Libraries, and also upon the Museum of American and Canadian Volunteers in Israel’s War of Independence located in the University of Florida Hillel, Gainesville, Florida.”

Aliyah Pages by Jacob Richman 

This excellent list of resources for people contemplating aliyah was compiled by Jacob Richman, an oleh himself, and contains links to aliyah centers, appliances, housing, information files, jobs, learning Hebrew , olim organizations, useful addresses, web links and an article on "Why Aliyah?"

Aliyah for French Speakers

Information on Aliyah and Israeli culture for Jews from France.

Aliyah for Returning Israelis

This Hebrew language site outlines the help and benefits the Israeli government offers to Israelis who have been abroad for several years and want to return to Israel.

All Daf

From the OU comes this site providing “a comprehensive and technologically advanced platform catering to Daf Yomi learners of every level, from beginners to Maggidei Shiur. The site provides reference materials, supplementary videos and other support materials in addition to the daf yomi material itself.

All Judaica

The browsable and searchable site of this Chicago based store describing itself as "the oldest and largest full service Jewish bookstore in the midwest" offers books

All Things Yiddish: The Lerer Roskes Archive

Yiddish archive composed of previously unpublished teaching materials, scholarship, literature, notes and ephemera from the collections of Yiddish literature scholar David G. Roskies.

All Ukrainian Jewish Congress

Home page of the All Ukrainian Jewish Congress, this site describes itself as "the largest Jewish organization in the Ukraine." It provides information about the group and the community and a directory of Jewish communities and contacts in the region.

All to Eat Kosher in France

This French and English site offers a database of kosher restaurants, delis, bakeries, grocery stores, caterers, and butchers in France. You can select by name, region, specialty, hashgasha, or search by keyword.


A French language magazine based in France.

Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic States

Information in English, Hebrew and Arabic about the work of rabbis in Muslim countries.


This is the online newspaper for Hebrew speakers in London, England

Am Yisrael Foundation

“The Am Yisrael Foundation champions the young leader as pioneer- advancing Observant Zionism as a fundamental force for the development of the Jewish People and Land of Israel.”


Ameinu, Hebrew for “Our People,” is a Zionist organization from the Reform movement. Its site provides information about and publications of the organization and outlines its activities.

American Guild of Judaic Art

“The American Guild of Judaic Art is an international not-for-profit membership organization for those with interests in the Judaic arts and dedicated to the promotion of Jewish art and culture in society.” Its website provides a biographical list of member artists and samples of their work.

American Israelite from Cincinnati

This weekly Jewish newspaper covers events in Cincinnati, Ohio. The website has information about Jewish organizations and services in the area. Of particular note is access to their archives that date back to 1854.

American Jewish Archives

The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives is committed to preserving a documentary heritage of the religious, organizational, economic, cultural, personal, social and family life of American Jewry. Its searchable site features a wealth of material including a guide to the archives' major papers and details about how to establish a synagogue archive. Of particular interest is its library catalog that can be searched online and the full text of First American Jewish Families 1644-1988 by Malcolm Stern whose genealogies and bibliography can be searched as well. Online exhibits are offered too. The American Jewish Archives Journal is available in full text, as well as archives going back to volume 52. This is an outstanding site for research in American Jewish history.

American Jewish Committee

AJC is devoted to “combating rising anti-Semitism and extremism, defending Israel’s place in the world, and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all people.” Its site describes the group's projects and stance on various issues.

American Jewish Committee Archives

Interactive timelines, digitized collection of the organization's radio programs, historic films and TV shows, and the complete collection of the American Jewish Yearbook.

American Jewish Congress

“Since its inception, the American Jewish Congress has been engaged in a continuous fight for equal rights for all Americans regardless of race, religion or national ancestry.” In addition to information about the organization and its work,it provides policy statements on a variety of issues.

American Jewish Historical Society

In addition to information about the events, membership, staff, library, archives, museum, prizes and fellowships, goals and history of this organization, this site is rich with other material of interest to Jewish historians. First, you can access the full text of the weekly articles on American Jewish history that the organization publishes in The Forward. There are also searchable databases of speakers, faculty and departments in American Jewish history, regional Jewish historical councils and genealogical societies and an extensive set of links to relevant organizations and publications in the subject area.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

“Comprising the organizational records of JDC, the overseas rescue, relief, and rehabilitation arm of the American Jewish community, the archives includes over 3 miles of text documents, 100,000 photographs, a research library of more than 6,000 books, 1,100 audio recordings including oral histories, and a collection of 2,500 videos.”

American Jewish League

Information about this independent Zionist organization including membership benefits, scholarship programs, Camp Koby, and a section on facts about Israel.

American Jewish Population Project

From Brandeis University comes this collection of statistical reports about Jews living in the United States.

American Jewish Portraits Database

Hosted by the American Jewish Historical Society, this searchable database provides access to images of American Jews before 1865. The site can be searched by keyword, portrait name, artist name and artist date.

American Jewish Press Association

The website of this network of Jewish media organizations, journalists and communications professionals provides information about the group and its activities, and a database of its members.

American Jewish University

Based in Los Angeles and once known as the University of Judaism, this school represents the Conservative movement on the West Coast. Its searchable home page describes the faculty and programs of the school in its college of arts and sciences, graduate and rabbinical schools and its admissions requirements. There is also information about the schools extension program, elderhostel, conferences, think tanks, writers institute, performing arts series, gallery, and sculpture garden. The links section provides access to general and Jewish resources in Los Angeles and Jewish communal, news, and educational sites.

American Jewish World Service

“Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, American Jewish World Service (AJWS) works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world.” Its site describes the group's projects.

American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel

The American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel is an organization of North American physicians and others dedicated to advancing the state of medical education, research and care in Israel" by offering fellowships to Israeli medical students and by supporting projects between North America and Israel.

American Sephardii Federation

Information about the events and publications of this organization that “preserves and promotes the history, traditions, and rich mosaic culture of Greater Sephardic communities as an integral part of the Jewish experience.“

American Society for Jewish Music

“The American Society for Jewish Music (ASJM) enables the performance, scholarship and dissemination of Jewish music and sustains these initiatives through a variety of activities, including concerts, publications seminars, conferences and other projects.“ The website provides access to the table of contents of their journal, Musica Judaica, and the St. Petersburg Score Collection.

American Zionist Movement

This movements goal is "to involve more Jews in Zionism and to take an activist posture on the Jewish scene." Its home page describes its programs, lists its member organizations, and offers access to its regional offices and calendar. You can read essays on Zionism, browse the catalog of publications, and check the relevant set of links to Zionist sources.

American-Israel Cultural Foundation

Find out about the history and calendar of events in music, dance, film, art and drama supported by this foundation dedicated to promoting Israeli arts and artists. Details on the foundations scholarship and membership benefits are also outlined.

Ami Magazine

Weekly publication for the observant community.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This searchable Dutch language home page for the Orthodox Ashkenazi Jewish community of Amsterdam includes information about the community, its activities and news along with a list of synagogues, services, and kosher restaurants. There are links to other Dutch Jewish sites as well.

Amud Aish Holocaust Museum

Fouded by Elie Kleinman, the goal of this museum in Brooklyn, New York is to present the Shoah to Orthodox Jews.

Amud Aish Memorial Museum

Located in Brooklyn, New York, “The museum’s mission is to present the victim experience, with special emphasis on the perspectives of observant Jewish communities.“ In addition to information about the collection and the museum's events, there is a searchable database of archives.

Amud Anan: Topographical Maps

This Hebrew language site provides topographical maps of Israel. You can customize the maps.

This Hebrew language site has resources for charitable organizations in Israel. Of particular note is its database of charities in Israel.

An Atlas of the Shtetl

“Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe offers a collection of small and large scale historical maps of the lands of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Pale of Jewish Settlement in late Tsarist Russia. “ There are also articles, links and other information about the area during this time period.

An Oral History of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community

Created by the Pittsburgh Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, this site provides access to more than 500 oral histories of Jewish life in this part of Pennsylvania. You can browse or search by name, geographic index or subject.


This multi-lingual site provides information for tourists to and residents of Andorra.

Anglo Saxon Real Estate

This searchable database in English, Hebrew, Russian and French provides properties for sale and rent. It is the largest English language real estate company in Israel.

Anglo-Jewish Archives

Housed at the University of Southampton, this collection houses material related to the study of Anglo-Jewish history in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Animated Talmud

This site provides an introduction to the Talmud through 15 lessons with over 100 minutes of animation.

Anne Frank House

In German, English and Dutch, this site provides information about the house in Amsterdam where Anne Frank hid and her diary.

Anne Frank On-Line

Sponsored by the Anne Frank Center of the United States, this site provides information about the life and times of Anne Frank as well as information on the organization.

Anti Defamation League

This searchable site has information about the organization, background briefings and focus articles on a variety of hate groups and their leaders, the work of the legislative center and material about terrorism. Of particular note is its hate symbols database.

Aramaic Language of the Zohar

“This site will provide resources for people interested in reading the Zohar, the text at the heart of the Jewish mystical tradition, in its original language, or who are interested in the Aramaic language more generally. It is part of a larger project by Judy Barrett and Justin Jaron Lewis, who are working on a beginner’s textbook and a practical dictionary of the Aramaic of the Zohar.”

Archives of Hebrew Journals

Full text archives of a large number of Hebrew language journals, browsable by issue date. Titles include AASIA—Halacha and Medicine, Encyclopedia of Medical Halacha, Computers in Education, Binot, Beit Havaad, Beit Mikra, BeSedeh Chemed, Divrei Hayamim, Deot, Hagigei Givah, Hamaayan, Hatekufah, Talelei Orot, Mavo, Megadim, Machanayim, Mechanech, Mechkarei Yehuda VeShomron, Michlol, Maaliyot, Maamakim, Niv Hamidrashiyah, Sinai, Al Atar, Pardes Chabad, Parashat Hashavua, Shana Beshana, Tikshov Vechinuch, Techelet, ASSIA, Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society and Ten Daat.

Archives of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure's Institutions

Portal to the archival collections of institutions housing information about the Holocaust and the period surrounding World War II. You can browse by country or alphabetically or do a search.

Archives of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

You can search this collection of 22,000 documents and photos from this California museum and obtain digitized versions of the material.

Archives of the State of Israel

Searchable database in English and Hebrew of materials related to the history of Israel. Many of the materials have been digitized and can be viewed online.

Ariel Publishing House

Hebrew language website of this Jerusalem publisher who focuses on popular books about Israel written on a high level. Of particular interest is the index to their journal Ariel.

Arkia Airlines

This site in English, Hebrew, French and Russian provides information about this Israeli airlines that specializes in domestic flights and flights to Europe

Arolsen Archives

The database contains a comprehensive collection of documents from concentration camps, including prisoner cards and death notices. The more than 13 million documents featuring information on over 2.2 million people persecuted by the Nazi Regime

Arquivo Maaravi: Digital Journal of Jewish Studies

Digitized journal from Brazil published semi-annually since 2007.

Art Beat

This site provides access to the the work of contemporary Israeli artists working in the media of photography, painting, sculpture, and jewelry. The site also provides information about museums and galleries in Israel.

ArtScroll Publishers

Searchable and browsable site of this major Judaica publisher specializing in traditional Jewish texts.

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