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AHEYM: Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories

Housed at the University of Indiana, AHEYM—the acronym means "homeward" in Yiddish, includes approximately 800 hours of Yiddish-language interviews with 350 individuals, most of whom were born between 1900 and 1930. The interviews were conducted in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia.


Yiddish and English site for the weekly newspaper The Algemeiner.

All Things Yiddish: The Lerer Roskes Archive

Yiddish archive composed of previously unpublished teaching materials, scholarship, literature, notes and ephemera from the collections of Yiddish literature scholar David G. Roskies.

Der Bay

Maintained by Philip "Fishl" Kutner, this site provides links to Yiddish websites, lists of words, and games.

Digital Map of Yiddish Publishing

Created by Jonah Lubin, this digital map of Yiddish publishing maps around 13,000 of the 15,000 entries in the Yiddish Book Center’s Spielberg Digital Library. You can see the publications by year and there is a bibliography as well.

Digital Yiddish Theater Project

The goal of this project is to digitize information about the people, places, subjects and periods of the Yiddish theater.

Digital Yiiddish Library

From the National Yiddish Book Center comes this online access to the full texts of nearly 11,000 out-of-print Yiddish titles. You can browse, read, download or print any or all of these books, free of charge. These titles were scanned under the auspices of our Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library, and have been made available online through the Internet Archive.

EPYC: Educational Program on Yiddish Culture

The Educational Program on Yiddish Culture (EPYC), a project of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, is an educational curriculum that aims to familiarize students with the Yiddish-speaking Jewish culture that flourished throughout Eastern Europe in the last 500 years. The site contains curriculum materials such as maps, timelines, and resources about the people, culture, and lives of Jews in Eastern Europe. Many of the presentations are in multimedia format.

Encyclopedia of the Yiddish Theater

Created by the Digital Yiddish Theater Project, this site provides access to a number of volumes of the encyclopedia by Zalmen Zylbercweig entitled Leksikon fun yidishn teater.

Harkavy Yiddish Dictionary

This site contains the scanned text of the 6th edition of Harkavy's Yiddish-English Dictionary, and the 11th edition of his English-Yiddish Dictionary, both from 1910.

In Geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies

“In geveb aims to be a central address for the study of all things Yiddish—the focal point for discussions of Yiddish literature, language, and culture, and 
the home for the next generation of Yiddish scholarship.” The site provides open access to its articles, translations, reviews and interviews. Of particular interest is the set of articles on resources for research in Yiddish topics, many by Zachary Baker.

Index to Yiddish Periodicals

From Hebrew University comes this bibliographical data base for the materials published in the Yiddish press in Eastern Europe, from its beginnings (1862) until 1939(in the Soviet Union: until 1948). You can browse the data base by author, title, source, date, genre and subject. In addition, is also a thematic index.

Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry 

This collection, housed at McGill University in Montreal, consists of 2300 Yiddish books, mostly poetry titles, that were collected by a Bronx garment worker. The entire collection is searchable online and can be browsed by subject and by index. The introduction to the catalog, written by Goldie Sigal and a table of name equivalents are also provided. An online exhibit displaying many of the book covers and collected post cards is presented as well.

League for Yiddish

Information on this organization founded in 1979 by prominent Yiddish linguist and professor Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter in order to provide organizational support for the modernization, standardization and use of the Yiddish language in all spheres of daily life. The site provides access to indexes of their magazine, Afn Shvel, their Yiddish primers and publications, and details about their projects and events. The site is in Yiddish and English.


Yiddish language Bundist monthly journal from Israel.

Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings

From the University of Wisconsin at Madison comes this collection of over 9,000 78rpm discs include Yiddish theater, popular and traditional music, cantorial songs, klezmer music, poetry, drama, and event ballads and from locations as diverse as the United States, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Africa and Israel. Many of the recordings are digitized.

National Yiddish Book Center

Founded by Aaron Lansky and located in Amherst, Massachusetts, this center is "dedicated to rescuing unwanted and discarded Yiddish books and sharing the treasures they contain" with research libraries worldwide. Their home page describes the center, its programs, exhibits, and courses. There are sections on their digital library and collections, and Yiddish language, literature and culture.

National Yiddish Theater

Sometimes called the Folksbiene, this is the website of the longest continuously producing Yiddish theatre company in the world. The site describes its productions and history.

Online Treasury of Yiddish Poetry

Created by Raphael (Raphi) Halff, this collection of Yiddish poems contains the original Yiddish, English translations and readings of the poems, as well as biographies of the poets.

Refoyl's Yiddish resources

Created by Raphael Finkel, this set of links to Yiddish sites is somewhat old but is still a useful resource.

Resources in Yiddish Studies

Created by Zachary Baker, Judaica librarian at Stanford University, Resources in Yiddish Studies provides links to a broad array of material for studies in Yiddish.

Ruth Rubin Archive of Yiddish Folksongs

From the YIVO Institute comes this collection of 1,500 Yiddish folksongs recorded by Ruth Rubin between 1946 and the 1970s that “can be browsed by song title, genre, performer, and more, the exhibition includes a variety of materials including lectures, concerts, radio interviews, videos, and rare and unpublished manuscripts, photographs, and more.””

Shund: A Database of Yiddish Pulp Fiction

“ is a database of Yiddish popular fiction, collecting and analyzing works of entertainment literature written in Yiddish and published as books and pamphlets and serialized in the Yiddish press.”

The Gantseh Megillah Yiddish Glossary

This alphabetical listing of Yiddish words and expressions was created by the late Michael Fein.

The Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry

From Columbia University comes this collection of 5,755 hours of audio tape field interviews with Yiddish speaking informants collected between 1959 and 1972 and about 100,000 pages of accompanying linguistic field notes. You can browse the collection by name of interviewee, region, city and document type.

The Workmen's Circle

"The Workmens Circle/Arbeter Ring, founded in 1900, fosters Jewish identity and participation in Jewish life among its members through Jewish, especially Yiddish, culture and education, friendship, mutual aid and the pursuit of social and economic justice." Its home page provides access to its local chapters, describes its programs for children, adults, and families including summer camps, details its member benefits and points of view, and lists its calendar of educational activities.

The Yiddish Daily Forward Newspaper

The Yiddish version of the Forward. The site also includes archives dating back to 1999.

Virtual Shtetl

Although this site by Iosif Vaisman has not been updated since 2002, it still provides a virtual environment for exploring Yiddish language and culture.


"Founded in 1925 in Vilna, Poland as the Yiddish Scientific Institute and headquartered in New York since 1940, YIVO is devoted to the history, society, and culture of Ashkenazic Jewry, and the influence of that culture as it has developed in the Americas. As the only pre-Holocaust scholarly institution to transfer its mission to the United States, YIVO is the preeminent center for the study of East European Jewry and Yiddish language, literature, and folklore." Its home page provides access to its digital exhibits and collections, libraries and research, and courses and publications.

Yiddish Dictionary Online

This searchable dictionary is a personal page that allows you to search in English, Yiddish, or transliterated Yiddish.

Yiddish Glory

Yiddish Glory bring to life long lost Yiddish songs of World War II. You can listen to the songs and read their lyrics.

Yiddish Prints (Jiddische Drucke)

A database of nearly 800 Yiddish books printed in Hebrew letters in West, Central, and East Europe from the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century housed in Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. While not all texts have been edited with OCR nor are fully text searchable, all texts are downloadable as PDF documents.

Yiddish Sheet Music

This website from the John Hay Library at Brown University is a digital resource that draws from the library's collection of sheet music. The collection is made up of approximately 700 of around 2,000 public domain (i.e. pre-1923) titles from the collection of Menache Vaxer, a Yiddish writer and Hebraist of Russia.

Yiddish Sources

“Yiddish Sources is part of the WWW-VL History Central Catalogue that is hosted at the European University Institute and is maintained by Gerben Zaagsma.” The site has extensive sections on reference, research and events.

Yiddish Web

This French language site provides a short history of Yiddish, information on Yiddish writers, a selection of phrases, a discussion group, and information on the Medem Library in Paris, the largest Yiddish library in Europe.

Yiddish Wit

334 illustrated Yiddish proverbs, folk sayings, insults, curses, idioms, and other expressions

Yugntruf: Youth for Yiddish 

This site, in English and Yiddish, describes the work of Yugntruf ("Call to Youth"), "a worldwide organization of Yiddish-speaking and Yiddish-learning young adults. "

Yung Yidish: The Foundation for Yiddish in Israel

This site in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, “founded in 1993 by Mendy Cahan, is a non-profit organization that set for itself the purpose of preserving and transmitting Yiddish culture, as well as encouraging contemporary Yiddish creativity in its various forms.”

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