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Theater and Film

Doc Emet Productions

“Doc Emet Productions produces and disseminates educational resources in a variety of media that contribute to the strengthening of Jewish identity and Jewish peoplehood as well as promoting the values of freedom and democracy. “

Ergo Media Jewish Video Catalog

“Ergo Media Inc. was founded in 1986. From the start, Ergo Media has focused its attention on making available quality film, video and DVD's about the Jewish experience.” Its catalog of films in alphabetical order is also searchable and browsable by subject.

Go2 Films

Based in Jerusalem, “Go2Films specializes in the distribution, marketing and exhibition of top Israeli documentaries, fiction films and TV series as well as international films with Jewish related content.”

Israel Film Archive

From the Jerusalem Cinematheque comes this searchable collection in English and Hebrew of 120 years of Israeli documentary and artistic films that you can watch online.

Israel Film Center

“The Israel Film Center at The JCC in Manhattan is a leading resource for Israeli film, with the goal of expanding Israel's emerging film industry and promoting Israeli culture in America.” Its website provides a searchable and browsable database of Israeli films, as well as information about actors, directors, producers and distributors.

Jewish Britain on Film

From the British Film Archive comes this collection of videos you can watch for free about the life of Jews in Britain beginning in 1905. While this is an excellent collection, you must be in the UK to watch the films.

Jewish Film Archive

Created by Larry Mark, this site is "a not-for-profit archive of information on Jewish films and Jewish Film Festivals." You can view listings by title, subject, year of distribution, and browse the links to film festivals and acting awards. While the site has not been updated since 2011, it is still a useful resource.

Jflix is a website dedicated to award winning films on various topics dealing with Judaism and Israel. You can search the collection or browse by subject. This is a commercial site, so you need a subscription to watch the streaming content.

National Center for Jewish Film

Housed at Brandeis University, “NCJF exclusively owns the largest collection of Jewish content film in the world, outside of Israel.” You can browse the collection by subject or search it by keyword and arrange to order the films.

Research Library and Archives of Jewish Theater 

“"This site is designed for those interested in research of Jewish theater. Its focus is study of Jewish national art theater as a cultural and social phenomenon of the late 19th - 20th centuries as well as histories of particular theatrical enterprises: GOSET (Russia), Habima (Russia, Palestine, Israel), Artef (USA), etc. The site comprises a wide scope of materials including scholarship and documentary sources along with graphic images and links to electronic resources." There are indices of articles, pictures, bibliographies, primary sources, and Internet resources.” While the site has not been updated since 2000, it is still a useful resource.

Ruth Films

Searchable and browsable database of films on Jews and Israel distributed by Ruth Diskin Films.

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive

Housed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, this collection of more than 3,000 Jewish films focusing on Israel, the Diaspora, and the Holocaust, has an online searchable catalog. From its virtual cinema you can view many of its films online.

Streaming Israeli Films

Register for free to watch streaming Israeli videos and documentaries from this initiative of the Israel Film Center at The JCC in Manhattan.

The Maaleh School of Film and Television

This school in Jerusalem “is the only film school in the world devoted to exploring the intersection of Judaism and modern life. “ Its Hebrew and English site describes the course of study and provides a list of the movies the school has produced.

The Online Museum of the Jewish Theater

This Hebrew language site provides access to collections, plays, bands, articles and galleries related to the Jewish theater. There is a list of relevant links as well.

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