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The Conservative Movement

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Housed at the Jewish Theological Seminary, this site provides information about and access to the life and work of this leader of Conservative Judaism.

Camp Ramah

Camp Ramah is a network of Jewish summer camps affiliated with the Conservative Movement. At this site you can find its member camps and information about its program in Israel.

Cantors Assembly

The home page of this professional organization of cantors from the Conservative Movement describes the group's work, convention and placement services. You can also order liturgical music, educational materials, choral music, Yiddish books and music, and videos from their online store.

Rabbinical Assembly

The searchable home page of this professional organization of Conservative rabbis provides information in three major categories: resources and ideas, Jewish law and tzedek/justice.

Responsa for Today

Edited by Rabbi David Golinken, this site hosts a browsable collection of responsa written by the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel between 1985 and 1999. The full text is provided in Hebrew in pdf format, and English summaries are available as well.

The Conservative Center in Israel

This home page for the Center for Conservative Judaism in Israel describes the group's programs and activities.

The Masorti Foundation

The home page of this umbrella organization of Conservative synagogues in Israel provides links to its activities and list of synagogues.

United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism

The home page of this umbrella organization of Conservative synagogues describes the history of the group and provides access to its constituent congregations.

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

This site describes the activities and mission of this arm of the Conservative Movement that supports sisterhoods throughout the world. Information about its publications and resources are also provided.

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