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Social Action Groups


The website of this group that “enables Israel’s youth to realize their potential, and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, religious values and Zionist ideals” provides information about its activities and schools in Israel.

American Jewish Committee

AJC is devoted to “combating rising anti-Semitism and extremism, defending Israel’s place in the world, and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all people.” Its site describes the group's projects and stance on various issues.

American Jewish World Service

“Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, American Jewish World Service (AJWS) works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world.” Its site describes the group's projects.

This Hebrew language site has resources for charitable organizations in Israel. Of particular note is its database of charities in Israel.

Association of Jewish Refugees

“The Association of Jewish Refugees provides social and welfare services to Holocaust refugees and survivors in Great Britain.” In addition to information about the group's activities and journal, the website describes it Refugee Voices Project and Plaque Scheme to mark places where prominent British Jews have lived.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

This site is devoted to environmental education, scholarship, advocacy, and action in the American Jewish community. In addition to information about the organization, there are resources about various timely topics.

Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations 

The Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations is composed of independent organizations whose unity of purpose is a secular expression of our Jewish heritage, with particular emphasis on the cultural and ethical precepts of Jewish learning." In addition to information about the group, the site also provides access to resources on timely topics.

HIAS: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

The home page of this immigrant and resettlement group details the history of the organization and its current work.

Haredi Institute for Public Affairs

“The Haredi Institute for Public Affairs was established in 2014, with the goal of advancing research-based policy on civic issues concerning the haredi community and its interaction with Israeli society.” Its site provides access to its research reports and databases of information about the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel.

International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

In addition to information about the organization and its activities, the site provides full text access to its journal Justice dating back to 1994.

Israel Gives ( in Hebrew) is the central website for the non-profit community and charities in Israel. You can search for and donate online to any of 26,000 charities in Israel. Search by keyword, category, city, region, activity, ethnic group, or religious group (note that there is more information available on the Hebrew website.

Israeli American Council

“The mission of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) is to build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identity of our next generation, the American Jewish community, and the bond between the peoples of the United States and the state of Israel.” In addition to information about the group and its work, there are links to local branches and programs.

JCC Association

From the home page of this umbrella organization of Jewish Community Centers you can find member centers and camps, and check job listings and relevant Jewish links. There is information on the Maccabi Games, an early childhood resource center, Israel programs, and the group's biennial convention. Finally, there is a link to the Jewish Welfare Boards chaplains.

Jewcology: Home of the Jewish Environmental Movement

Resources, blogs and publications from this ecology group devoted to building a multi-denominational, multi-generational, regionally diverse community of Jewish environmental activists committed to educating people about our Jewish responsibility to protect the environment.

Jewish Care in the UK

Information about the services and activities about “the largest provider of health and social care services for the Jewish community in the UK.”.

Jewish Charity Guide of the UK

The Jewish Charity Guide is the only publication that specifically lists around 350 UK registered Jewish charities serving the Jewish community at home, in Israel and throughout the world. Its alphabetical listing of charities is also keyword searchable.

Jewish Eco Seminars

While its focus is on tours, this site provides videos, articles and seminars on Jewish ecology, many of which are related to the parsha of the week.

Jewish Funders Network

“JFN works with Jewish funders, at the individual and collective levels, to improve the quality of their giving and maximize their impact as they make the change they want to see in the world.” The site in English and Hebrew provides guidance in philanthropy, a directory of members and information about the services of the group.

Jewish Prisoner Services International 

From this web site you can check the services offered by this group dedicated to the welfare of Jewish prisoners throughout the world. Included is a section on Jewish beliefs and a set of resources.

Jewish War Veterans of America

The home page of this American veterans group concentrates on information about its programs and activities.

Jewish Women International

The site of this organization “working to empower women and girls by ensuring and protecting their physical safety and economic security, promoting and celebrating inter-generational leadership, and inspiring civic participation and community engagement “ provides information about its programs and activities.

Joint Distribution Committee

The home page of this group, known for its rescue and relief programs world wide, describes its work, its global, non-sectarian activities.


Meaning "sustenance" in Hebrew, Mazon is dedicating to eradicating hunger in America. Its home page describes its work and programs.

National Council Supporting Eurasian Jewry

Formerly the National Council on Soviet Jewry, today it advocates on behalf of the Jews in Russia, the Ukraine, the Baltic States and Eurasia. In addition to information about its activities, the site provides access to annual reports about Jews in various countries in the region.

National Council of Jewish Women

The home page of this group of "advocates for social justice" describes its work and programs, and a list of regional branches.

New Israel Fund

Dedicated to the strengthening of democracy and social justice, this groups home page in English and Hebrew highlights news about the group, details its events, study tours, issue areas, volunteer and employment opportunities.


"ORT, founded in 1880 in St.Petersburg, is today a global, non-profit organisation, meeting the education and training needs of contemporary societies around the world." The site provides information about the group's activities and locations.

Ohel: Jewish Children and Family Services

Ohel is an agency serving children who are neglected, abused, and suffer from mental illness and developmental disabilities. Its focus is on the religious community. From its web site you can find out about its programs, speakers bureau, events, and volunteer opportunities.

On One Foot

A project of the American Jewish World Service, On1Foot is an open-source online database of Jewish texts on social justice. Articles are browsable by subject and searchable by keyword.

Peace Now

“Peace Now is the largest and longest-standing Israeli movement advocating for peace through public pressure.” Its English and Hebrew site describes the group's activities and includes a list of what it regards as settlements.

The Abraham Fund

“The Abraham Fund strives to fulfill the promise of full and equal citizenship and complete equality of social and political rights for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens.” In addition to describing the group's activities, its site provides access to its research and publications.

The Avi Chai Foundation

This is “is a private foundation endowed
by Zalman C. Bernstein that is committed to the perpetuation of the Jewish people,
Judaism, and the centrality of the State of
Israel to the Jewish people.” The site describes the foundation's work in North America and Israel and access to its knowledge center.

The Center for Jewish Peoplehood

This site is a ““one-stop” resource center for institutions
and individuals seeking to build collective Jewish life, with a focus on Jewish Peoplehood and Israel
Education.” It provides articles and educational materials on the topic.

The Clearinghouse for Jewish Communal Jobs

" is dedicated to the advertising of nonprofit Jewish communal job postings." There is a charge for posting jobs but searching is free for those who register.

The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services

Information about the work of this group whose goal is to help families, young children and those struggling with mental health issues.

The Jewish Federations of North America

In addition to information about the events and activities of this umbrella organization of Jewish charitable groups, there is a section on the Jewish holidays.

The Shalom Center

Directed by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, The Shalom Center, "brings Jewish spirituality, tradition, and experience to bear on issues of tikkun olam, pursuing peace, seeking justice, healing the earth, and building community." In addition to information about the group's activities and publications, there is a section on Torah learning.


Based in the United Kingdom, Tzedek is a Jewish overseas development and educational charity that provides direct support to the developing world and educates the Jewish community as to the causes and effects of poverty. In addition to information about the group and its activities, there is a resource section of educational materials arranged by age.

Uri LaTzedek: The Orthodox Social Justice Movement

This Orthodox organization based in New York “creates discourse, inspires leaders, and empowers the Jewish community towards creating a more just world.” Its website provides information about its activities. Of particular interest are the Torah resources offered related to social justice.

Ve'Ahavta: The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian and Relief Committee 

Information about the projects and supporters of this charitable group in Canada “dedicated to promoting positive change in the lives of people of all faiths who are marginalized by poverty.”

Volunteering in Israel

This site in Hebrew and English is the home of The National Council for Volunteering in Israel. Founded by the Israeli government, it is one of the oldest and largest organizations providing volunteers to groups. There are extensive database of volunteer organizations and opportunities for volunteers living in Israel and tourists.

Women in Green

The website of this group devoted to “explaining the dangers of the Oslo Accords, which called for the abandonment of large and central parts of our homeland and the shrinking of Israel to the “Green Line”, the pre-1967 borders” describes the group's projects and has a photo and video archive as well as relevant links.

World Jewish Congress

Multi-language site of this organization that is the international organization that represents Jewish communities and organizations in 100 countries around the world. It advocates on their behalf towards governments, parliaments, international organizations and other faiths.“ In addition to information about their activities and statements on current issues, the site provides a detailed database about the Jewish communities in the 100 countries that it serves.

Yad Sarah

The Hebrew and English home page of this largest volunteer organization in Israel that provides "a spectrum of free or nominal cost services to help sick, disabled and elderly people remain at home," describes its history and services. Of particular note is the directory of easy access sites for tourists in Israel.

Yesodot: Center for Torah and Democracy 

"Yesodot has developed educational programs for religious youth, which demonstrate that democratic values, including tolerance, equality and human rights, are not only compatible with Jewish tradition but are at its core." The Hebrew language website contains many articles on the topic of Judaism and democracy.

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