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Religious Groups

AishDas Society

The goal of this group is ”bringing the fire back into Jewish spirituality in a way consistent with traditional teachings of the great spiritual leaders of the past.” In addition to information about the group, there is access to its mailing lists and publications. There is also an extensive set of resources on mussar.

Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic States

Information in English, Hebrew and Arabic about the work of rabbis in Muslim countries.

Central Council of Jews in Germany

This site in English, Russian and German provides details about the organization and its members.

Conference of European Rabbis

Information about the activities of this rabbinical group in English, German, Hebrew and Russian. Of particular interest are the sections on kashrut in Europe, the European Beth Din, the Union of Mohalim in Europe and the searchable database of European Jewish communities.


Gesher's mission is "to help foster better understanding between the religious and secular communities and to encourage Israeli Jews from across the religious spectrum to develop a deeper sense of Jewish identity." Its English language site describes the group's work, but its Hebrew language site offers a more extensive set of resources and information on its projects in Israel.


Founded by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis and dedicated to Jewish renewal, this page describes the groups events, programs, and publications.

Israel Religious Action Center

“The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) is the leading civil and human rights organization addressing issues of religion and state in Israel.” The site includes access to their publications and information on timely topics.

Itim: The Right to Live Jewish in Israel

Created by Rabbi Seth Farber, this searchable site in English, Hebrew, and Russian provides information about all aspects of the Jewish life cycle including explanations of rituals and practical information about dealing with these events in the Israeli bureaucracy.

National Havurah Committee

Their website provides information about the group and its activities designed to “facilitate the activities of fellowships known as havurot “

Office of the Chief Rabbi

At this site you can find information about the organization as well as divrei Torah from the Chief Rabbi.

Rabbinical Council of Tel Aviv

This Hebrew language site offers information about religious issues affecting the lives of Jews in Tel Aviv including details about marriage, divorce, and death. There is a searchable database of kosher restaurants and other businesses that are certified by the rabbinate. Listings of synagogues and religious institutions are provided as well.

Toronto Board of Rabbis

This site for rabbis in Toronto and Ontario includes information about the organization, a list of members and rabbinical resources.


The English and Hebrew home page of this Israeli “movement of 1,000 Zionist rabbis and women volunteers who are leading the revolution for an ethical, inclusive & inspiring Jewish Israel” describes their activities. The Hebrew area has sections on the holidays and the Jewish life cycle, along with finding rabbis from the group to conduct these rituals.

Union for Traditional Judaism

Information about the principles of this “trans-denominational education and outreach organization dedicated to promoting the principles of traditional Judaism.“

Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa

This site, the home to the largest Jewish religious organization in South Africa, provides information about member congregations, the Beth Din, the Office of the Chief Rabbi, eruv information, and kashrut information for South Africa.

United Synagogue of Great Britain

This home page of the traditional congregations of Great Britain provides information about its communities, Jewish life, burial, kashrut, chesed, women, its rabbis and rebbetzins, learning programs and youth activities.

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