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Ariel Publishing House

Hebrew language website of this Jerusalem publisher who focuses on popular books about Israel written on a high level. Of particular interest is the index to their journal Ariel.

ArtScroll Publishers

Searchable and browsable site of this major Judaica publisher specializing in traditional Jewish texts.

Association of Jewish Publishers

This directory provides a hypertext list of member publishing houses last updated in February 1997.

Carta Books and Maps on Bible

Access to books, maps and atlases published by “an international publishing house specializing in professional Bible maps, Bible books and related subjects such as biblical geography and biblical history.”

EBook Shuk

Searchable and browsable publications from Varda Books that can be ordered online. The publisher focuses on Jewish history, rabbinics, Israel, Hebrew, and reference titles. The site also offers ebooks that may be purchased and downloaded.

EKS Publishing

You can order books, comic books, audiotapes, charts, flashcards and other instructional material online from this publisher of instructional resources for learning Biblical and prayerbook Hebrew.

Editorial Bnei Sholem

You can order online from this searchable site of a Spanish language publisher of Jewish educational materials for all ages based in Argentina.

Feldheim Publishers

Searchable and browsable site of this major Judaica publisher.

Fuente Clara Collection of Sephardic Culture Studies

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this English and Spanish site of a publisher of old new Sephardic titles lists their books and provides links to relevant sites.

Gefen Publishers

Browsable site of English language books published in Israel

Israeli Publishers

You can search this Hebrew language database of publishers in Israel by a variety of categories to find out basic information about them.

Jason Aronson Publishers

Browsable and searchable site of this former publisher of Jewish titles that is now owned by Rowman and Littlefield.

Jewish Lights Publishing

Browsable catalog of this Vermont based publisher that emphasizes titles in Jewish spirituality.

Jewish Publication Society

Browsable and searchable catalog of this veteran American Jewish publisher based in Philadelphia.

Judaica Press

Browse by title or category through the online catalog of this Judaica publisher.

Kar-Ben Publishing

Browsable catalog of this publisher of children's Judaica. Information on holding a book fair and submitting manuscripts are also provided.

Keter Publishing

This is the Hebrew language site of the publishers of The Encyclopedia Judaica.

Kodesh Press

Based in the US, this publisher provides scholarly and popular books of Jewish interest.

Koren Publishers

Koren is a major publisher of traditional Jewish books. Its searchable site in English and Hebrew provides access to its publications.

Ktav Publishing

Browse or search the online catalog of this company featuring religious titles,scholarly books and textbooks.

La Giutina

The website of this Italian language publisher of Jewish material provides information about its books and access to its magazine.

Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

This company, based in the United Kingdom, publishes scholarly works that explain and perpetuate the Jewish heritage and publishes translations of Hebrew and Aramaic classics.

Modan Publishing

Hebrew language site of this Israeli book publisher.

Publishers of Jewish Books

Created by Israel A. Cohen, this is an extensive list of publishers who print books of Jewish content.

Reuven Mas Publishers

This new website for this longstanding Israeli publisher provides information about its publications. It is also a source for order books published in Israel.

Sephardic House

List of materials published by the American Sephardi Federation devoted to Sephardic cultural history.

Soncino Press

Online listing with detailed descriptions of the books published by Soncino, best known for its translations of classic Jewish texts.

The Book Publishers Association of Israel

An alphabetical listing of book publishers in Israel.

The Institute for the Translation of Modern Hebrew Literature

This institute is devoted to the translation of modern Hebrew literature into a number of foreign languages. Of particular note is the searchable database of Hebrew authors.

Torah Aura Productions

Browsable and searchable catalog of instructional materials including books and toys.

Tzivonim Publishers

Browse or search the Hebrew language home page of this Israeli publisher and purchase their books online as well.

Urim Publications

You can order online from this Israeli based publisher and distributor of English language Judaica.

Vallentine Mitchell Publishers

Headquartered in the UK, Vallentine Mitchell is an international publishers of book of Jewish interest, both for the scholar and general reader.

World Sephardic Library

Ohr HaMaarav, located in Jerusalem, publishes religious texts from the Sephardic world. You can browse and search its site in English and Hebrew.

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