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Created by Daniel Sultan, This site has a browsable list of the proper blessings to say on food and provides the blessing in Hebrew. The author uses two main sources, the book “VZot Haberacha” and "Halachos of Brochos" by Rabbi Bodner.

Beurei HaTefila Institute

“The Beurei Hatefila Institute was established in order to encourage the study of the words of the Siddur as a Jewish text in Jewish schools. To assist educators develop
courses on Tefila, the Institute publishes a weekly e-mail newsletter in which it traces the sources for the words and structure of the prayers within the Siddur. To date,
newsletters covering Birchos Haschachar, Pseukei D'Zimra, Birchot Kriyat Shema and Kriyat Shema, Shemona Esrei, Tachanun, Kriyas Ha'Torah, Mincha, Maariv and
Kabbolos Shabbos have been published. “

This searchable database retrieves the appropriate blessing for a food or event, along with the halachic source for its choice.

Cantorial Recordings

Large collection of cantorial recordings.

Chazzanut Online

Created by Irwin Oppenheim, a cantor in Amsterdam, to share the treasures of Dutch cantorial music with the rest of the world, this site provides biographies of chazzanim and reproduces the covers and sheet music for liturgical pieces composed by them. Samples of various nusachaot can be downloaded in mp3 format and there is an extensive set of relevant links provided as well. While the site has not been updated since 2006, it is still a useful resource.

Ellie's Torah Trope Tutor

Created by Ellie Wackerman, this site provides recordings of cantillations in a variety of formats. Cantillations covered include the Torah, Haftorah, Purim, Shalosh Regalim, Eicha, and High Holidays.

Haftorah Audio

Created by Rabbi Mark Zimmerman of the Conservative Movement, this site allows you to listen to and download the haftarot for Shabbat and holidays in mp3 format.

Jewish Table Singing

Created by Rabbi Jonathan Cohen, a son of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Community of London, this site provides recordings of the songs and zemirot sung around the table on Shabbat and holidays.

Judaica Index

More than 200 Jewish ritual objects, searchable in 15 languages by name or keyword. Each record includes a definition, images and a bibliography. From the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe.


Created by Pam Coyle, this site offers transliterations of selected prayers from the Hebrew. There is a general section for materials such as Psalms and special sections for tefillot in the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform traditions.

Learn Trope

Learn to sing the cantillation of the Torah and Haftorah. You can also learn the hand signals used for the trope notes.

Learn to Read the Torah

Audio and text (Hebrew only with cantillation marks) of public Torah readings. While the pronunciation is particular to Chabad, this website is useful for those learning Torah trope. In addition to the Chumash (Five Books of Moses), readings also include Megillat Esther and Rosh Hashanah.

Learners Minyan

Created by Jordan Lee Wagner, this site is designed as "a friendly place to learn about Jewish synagogue ritual, the prayer book, and related traditions." It includes a transliterated siddur, a collection of brain teasers, questions and answers based on the authors book The Synagogue Survival Kit, and links to relevant Jewish sites.

London Sephardi Minhag

Created by Rabbi Jonathan Cohen, a son of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Community of London, this site describes and explains the customs of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London

London Sephardi Music

Created by Rabbi Jonathan Cohen, a son of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Community of London, an orthodox community that was founded some 350 years ago by Menashe ben Israel, and is the oldest Jewish community in Britain, this site provides recordings of the liturgical music of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London. The site is searchable and arranged by holiday.

Nosach Teiman

Begun in 2007, this Hebrew language site is devoted to the heritage of the Jews of Yemen, with a particular emphasis on the prayers and liturgy of the community. You can listen to all of the portions of the Torah and the Haftorot chanted in the style of Yemenite Jews. There is a list of Yemenite synagogues in Israel arranged by town as well as audio and video material and items for sale.

Open Siddur

This is a “community shared online workspace for those crafting and printing their own prayerbooks. We do this by digitizing printed Jewish liturgy and liturgy-related content in the Public Domain and by asking creative Jews to share work they’ve created for communal use with licenses that permit its free adaptation and redistribution.”

Piyut Archive

Part of the National Library of Israel, this searchable site in Hebrew houses a collection of piyutim and melodies. You can browse by category or conduct a keyword search. The lyrics are provided for each liturgical poem, and you can hear it sung as well. This is an outstanding collection of liturgical songs.

Piyut and Tefilah

From the National Library of Israel comes this collection of recordings, sheet music and videos of the piyyutim and prayers that represent more than one hundred different traditions of the Jewish people.


This Hebrew language site provides access to a variety of piyutim by ethnic community, holiday and life cycle. The site has the lyrics and videos of performances of these liturgical poems.

Prayer in Rabbinic Literature Database

Headed by Dr. Uri Ehrlich of Ben Gurion University, this is a tool for finding Tannaitic sources related to prayer. This developing database enables retrieval
of sources according to liturgical categories, rabbinic literature, according to specific book or person(s) named in a tradition and subject categories.

Developed by Kolot  and Maayan, Ritualwell provides “resources for creating innovative, contemporary Jewish rituals.” Their database can be searched by occasion, content type, symbol, and author. A glossary and bibliography are also provided.

Scroll Scraper

This site is an online tikkun, presenting the text of the Torah as it is written in the Torah scroll. You can also hear how the text is chanted through mp3 recordings.

Sephardi Chazzanut

Created by Syrian-born hazan Faraj Samra, this site provides mp3 recordings for "all the parashiot and Shahrit of Shabbat for all the main seven maqamot."


Created by Art Finkle, this site provides extensive information about the shofar including an entire book you can download in pdf format.

This site is a repository of sheet music and midi files relating to Jewish liturgical music. The music on this site has been selected because it is out of copyright. There is a good collection of relevant links provided as well. While the site has not been updated since 2008, it is still a useful resource.

Siddur Audio

Created by Rabbi Mark Zimmerman, this site offers recordings of many of the standard prayers and zemirot for Shabbat in mp3 format. The text follows the Sim Shalom prayerbook of the Conservative movement.

Spanish-Portuguese Chazzanut

This site is organized and maintained by Jonathan Kaye, under the direction of Rev. Abraham (Albert) Gabbai, Hazzan of Congregation Mikveh Israel of Philadelphia.

Synagogue Tunes and Shabbat Melodies in MP3 Format

From Cantor Hal of the New City Jewish Center comes this collection of synagogue tunes for Shabbat and holidays.


Use the audio-visual tools on this site to master the trope(cantillation marks) used in reading from the Torah and Haftorahs. The site allows you to hear the cantillation sung in different traditions.

The Gabbai's Resource

Created by Joshua Males, this site has downloadable documents in pdf format for use by gabbaim in synagogues included misheberach cards and blessings for Torah and haftorah readings on Shabbat and the holidays.

The Maqam Project

A modern attempt to adapt the tradition of the Jews of the Arab world from Aleppo, Cairo, and Damascus who assigned musical modes called a maqam to each Torah portion. This site provides recordings of the work of the group arranged by the weekly parasha.

The Revd. Halfon Benarroch Hazzanut Archive

This site contains almost the entire cantorial repertoire of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation of London - "Kahal Kadosh Shaar Hashamayim" - which was established in 1656 and is the oldest Jewish community in the British Isles.

Torah Leining

This website from the Daf Yomi Review includes recorded MP3 versions of the Torah readings for Ashkenazi and Sephardi formats as well as the Haftarot, Tehillim, the Chamesh Megillot, and other liturgical pieces.

Virtual Cantor

This collection of mp3 recordings is designed to help people learn the appropriate nusach for various prayers. The liturgy for Shabbat, weekdays, and holidays are available for download.

Zemirot Database

A user-editable online collection of zemirot. You can browse and search the database of zemirot and liturgy, hear recordings, see the lyrics in Hebrew and transliteration, as well as in translation, and upload your own recordings.

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