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This major portal for traditional Jewish material in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish has sections on a wide range of topics of Jewish interest.


Hebrew language encyclopedia based on Wikipedia that is written from the point of view of traditional Torah values.

Israel Science and Technology Homepage 

This home page created by Dr. Israel Hanukoglu when he served as science advisor to the Israeli prime minister functions as a clearinghouse of information about Israeli sites and information relating to a broad group of categories in addition to science and technology. Although the site has not been updated since 2008, it is still a useful resource.

Kikar HaShabbat

Major Jewish Sites--Institutional Pages—Hebrew


This Hebrew language site describes itself as “the leading news site for the religious public on the Internet. Today the site offers a variety of content on current affairs, Judaism, family and culture. This is in addition to many diverse services and databases, with the largest network of forums for the religious public.'

Mamen Portal of Jewish Links


Begun as Matthew Album's A-Z collection on ANJY, this is one of the oldest and most comprehensive Jewish directories.


Describing itself as a religious Zionist news site, the Hebrew language site includes categories such as News, ultra-Orthodox, culture, Judaism, music, digital, recipes, dating, family, women and “all that is national religion.”

Torah Texts

This Torah text online search engine provides searchable access to audio shiurim, books, classic texts, kashrut, research sites and videos. However, it has not been updated since 2007.

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