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Museums in Israel

Association of Museums and ICOM in Israel

This Hebrew language site provides a browsable list of museums in Israel arranged by geographic area.

Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

This site in English and Hebrew describes the collections of this museum in Or Yehuda, Israel devoted to the history of the Jews in Babylonia, what is today Iraq.

Beit HaTefutsot: The Museum of the Jewish People

The English and Hebrew home page of this museum located in northern Tel Aviv provides information on the permanent, special and traveling exhibitions, genealogical materials, music collections with selected clips for listening, a bibliography of the museums video productions, and educational materials. You can also purchase items online from the museums gift shop. Of particular note are the searchable databases of personal names and of Jewish communities along with an extensive set of links to Internet sites related to Jewish Museums and Art Museums, Academic and Cultural Organizations, Libraries and Archives, Jewish Organizations, Jewish Communities on the Web, Jewish Press, Music, Genealogy, and the Holocaust.

Beit Theresienstadt

Beit Terezin Museum or Beit Theresienstadt (German: Haus Theresienstadt) in Kibbutz Givat Haim (Ihud) about a museum about the Theresienstadt concentration camp. On display are documents, artifacts, testimonies and art made by prisoners. There is also an archive holding an index of the 162,000 Jews from the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and other European countries, who were imprisoned in Theresienstadt during the Holocaust. The site is in English and Hebrew. You can watch their recorded programs and

Biblical Zoo

The events, educational programs, and history of this zoo in Jerusalem are presented here at this Hebrew and English site. Of particular note is the detailed description of the animals in the zoo, many of whom are mentioned in the Bible.

Hasmonean Heritage Museum

This Hebrew language site provides information about the activities of this museum in Modiin, Israel dedicated to the history of the Maccabees and Chanukah.

Herzl Museum

This multi-language site provides information about the museum in Jerusalem honoring Theodore Herzl and about his life and work.

Hungarian Jewry Museum

This site, in English, Hebrew, and Hungarian, describes the memorial museum located in Safed.

Israel Air Force Museum

This Hebrew language site provides information about the museum, located near Beersheva, along with pictures of historic airplanes, historic sites, exhibits, and a virtual tour.

Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures

“The Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures in Beer Sheva presents a variety of historical and contemporary works of material Islamic culture. “

Museum of Yemenite Jewish Heritage

Located in Netanya in Israel,he Museum of the Association for fostering society and culture for preserving the heritage of the Yemenite Jewry presents to the audience the cultural treasures of the Yemenite Jewry. The museum displays historical photos of the Yemenite Jewish immigration and settlement in Israel. A spectacular display of original jewelry brought by the immigrants from Yemen. Rich displays depicting the way of life in Yemen.

Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II

The complex, which will be built in Israel, will not only include a museum, but an information center, a research center, and a learning center as well. The museum will be divided into six wings: 1) The Early Years 1939-1941 2) War in East Europe 3) US & Allies 4) Partisans, Ghetto Fighters and the Underground Movement 5) Jewish Volunteers in Israel 6) Post-War Existence 1945-49. The website in Russian, English and Hebrew has a database of Jewish fighters and soldiers, information by country, and collections of songs, films and books about World War II.

Museums in Israel Portal

From this site in English, Hebrew, and Russian, you can find detailed information about more than 170 museums in Israel. You can view all of the listings or choose by city or region. A description of the museum is provided, along with basic information on hours, admission costs, address, and telephone numbers. You can sign and view a guestbook and also sign up for a free newsletter that details current and upcoming exhibitions. This is an excellent, comprehensive collection of information about Israeli museums.

The Bible Lands Museum

This site in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and French describes the collection created by Dr. Elie Borowsk about the history of the biblical period in the various lands of the Bible.

The Biblical Museum of Natural History

Founded by Rabbi Nathan Slifkin and located in Bet Shemesh, this site provides information about the museum that features animals from the Tanach.

The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum

Housed on the campus of the University of Haifa, this archeological museum is dedicated to the theme of "The People of Israel in Eretz Israel.”

The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem

In addition to information about the museum, there is a detailed timeline of Jerusalem in the permanent exhibition section.

The Yigal Alon Centre

Created by Beit Yigal Alon, this is a Hebrew language collection of databases about communities, sites, trips, people and stories about the Galilee.

U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art

This site provides information about the events and exhibits of the museum in Jerusalem, Israel in English, Hebrew and Italian.

Yaacov Agam Museum

This site in Hebrew and English describes the exhibitions and activities of the museum in Rishon LeZion devoted to the Israeli artist Yaacov Agam.

Yemenite Jewish Heritage Center and Museum

This site in Hebrew describes the programs and activities of this museum located in Rehovot developed to the history and culture of the Jews of Yemen.

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