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American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel

The American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel is an organization of North American physicians and others dedicated to advancing the state of medical education, research and care in Israel" by offering fellowships to Israeli medical students and by supporting projects between North America and Israel.

Doctors against Racism and Antisemitism

“Doctors Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (DARA) is a grass roots organization of health care professionals whose activities are directed at opposing racism and anti-Semitism in the medical realm specifically and academic environments generally.” The site includes calls to action, events, and articles of interest.

Encyclopedia of Medical Halacha

Full text of the Hebrew language book by Professor Avraham Steinberg, browsable by subject.

Halachic Organ Donor Society

“The Halachic Organ donor Society educates Jews about different Halachic opinions concerning organ donation and offers people a unique organ donor card.” The site provides videos of rabbis explaining their positions, a list of full text articles that can be sorted by title, author, publication, year, and recommended reading, a table of speaking engagements worldwide, charts of statistical information, and a set of relevant links. The site also has downloads for various living wills.

Israel Physicians' Guide

This database in Hebrew features a listing of Israeli doctors searchable by speciality and location. It also offers browsable directories of Israeli medical organizations, hospitals and laboratories, Israeli drug and medical products, Israeli cosmetics, used medical equipment, and medical real estate. You can check out medical news, look at employment opportunities, purchase mailing lists, and join medical newsgroups. Of particular note is the section on world wide medical links which offers an extensive set of links arranged by medical speciality.

Israeli National Genetic Database

This is an online repository of information about inherited disorders in the Israeli population. You can search the database by population, ethnic group and illness. There is a summary of disorders alphabetically arranged and a list of relevant links.

Jerusalem Center for Research: Halachah and Medicine 

"The Jerusalem Center for Research studies the halachic implications of modern medical developments and practice." Its home page describes the goals and activities of the center and lists the publications, lecture topics, and courses offered by it.

Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium

This is a browsable and searchable database of Jewish genetic diseases arranged by those that affect Ashkenazim and those that affect Sephardim.

Jewish Genetic Diseases

Information on Jewish genetic diseases, detection and treatment.

Jewish Genetic Diseases from Mazornet

This guide provides information about a range of Jewish genetic diseases including a description of the disease, screening and treatment, and incidence among the Jewish population. Links to resources about the disease are provided along with general information about genetic counseling, screening labs, and a glossary of terms.

Jewish Nursing History

This page in German and English provides information about the history of Jews in nursing, particularly in Frankfurt. You can search by people, institutions, places and buildings.

Jewish Orthodox Women's Medical Association

JOWMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, empowering, and advancing the careers of religious Jewish female physicians. Its site provides access to its publications and mentoring program.

Jewish Women's Health

“This website, designed for health professionals, is a community service of Nishmat: The Jeanie Schottensteing Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women. The purpose of the site is to elucidate issues in Women's Health and Jewish law (halachah) to enable medical practitioners to provide optimal care to their patients who observe these rules.”


Database of the disease experience of American and Canadian Jews. “There is no comparable database for any ethnic group that covers this array of diseases in this detail for a 126 year period (1874-2000). Data sources include journal articles, conference proceedings, community, insurance, government, hospital and vital statistics reports, doctoral dissertations as well as monographs.”

Magen David Adom

This site in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian describes the work of this organization, the Israeli version of the Red Cross.

My Jewish Genetic Health

This site, created by the Program for Jewish Genetic Health, offers a series of videos about various aspects of Jewish genetic diseases.

Nefesh: The International Network of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals

This home of the International Network of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals describes the work, publications, and conferences and offers a directory of members that you can search by a variety of parameters.

Nishmat's Women's Health and Halacha

This site for yoatzot, female guides to halacha, provides information on taharat hamishpacha, niddah, the Jewish life cycle as it pertains to women, halacha and women's health, and an extensive collection of links and resources. The site is available in English, Hebrew, Spanish and French.

The Schlesinger Institute for Jewish Medical Ethics

"The Schlesinger Institute is a research and teaching institute in the field of Jewish Medical Ethics. Through the scholarship and expertise of leading rabbis, physicians, and jurists, the Institute aims to: research halachic issues that emerge as medicine progresses; provide facilities as a resource center for health care professionals, students and general public; acquaint professionals and the public with the important interaction between Medicine, Ethics and Halacha." The site provides information about its educational programs, its events, and its library. Of particular note is the searchable database of its articles from its two journals, Jewish Medical Ethics and AASIA.

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