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Kosher Wine

European Wine Center: CEDEV

Headquartered in Belgium, this organization provides access to kosher wines from various countries in Europe including France, Italy, Spain, and Belgium.

Israel Wine Producers Association

“IWPA was established to unify the leading quality Israeli wineries in a concerted effort to promote Israel as a "fine wine growing region". Its website provides information about its member companies and a map showing their locations in Israel as well as details about the organization and its activities.


You can choose from a wide range of kosher wines from this site in Washington, DC by type and winery and join their wine club.

Online Kosher Wine

Online site for order kosher wine. You can search by producer, region, variety, color, price and status as mevushal or not.

Skyview Liquors Kosher Wine

You can choose from a wide range of kosher wines from this store in Riverdale in New York City by a wide variety of parameters. They claim to have tone of the largest collections of kosher wine and liquor in the United States.

Wines of Israel

Created by Israel Preker, this site provides information about the wine scene in Israel including details about the wineries and a searchable archive of articles on the subject.

Yossie's Corkboard

Yossie’s Corkboard is the home of a weekly newsletter on kosher wine written by Yossie Horwitz. The site provides a glossary and information about types of wine as well as a map of and access to information about 80 kosher wineries in Israel.

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