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K-12 Instructional Materials


Lesson plans from the Leo Baeck Institute based on their curriculum using primary sources to depict Jewish life in Germany in 1938.


Subtitled "The Jewish Chidrens Network," this traditional site has sections on the weekly parsha, Israel, the alphabet, a Hebrew phrase of the day, Torah heroes, Jewish holidays, and coloring pages.

Animated Talmud

This site provides an introduction to the Talmud through 15 lessons with over 100 minutes of animation.

Association of Jewish Libraries Values Finder

The purpose of this searchable database is to identify the Jewish values found in books written for Jewish children and teens in English or in translation. The Valuesfinder is a selective guide; not every book of Jewish content is included.

Bible Quiz Database

Created by Jacob Richman, this database contains questions about each parasha of the Torah. You can take timed quizzes and print the list of questions and answers.

Bisde Hemed

Hebrew language articles on Education, Religious Education and Bible Education from a religious point of view.

Center for Educational Technology

This Hebrew language site provides some excellent resources relating to Jewish and Israeli history for students.

Chidon HaTanach Bible Contest 

The site offers preparation advice and guides for the international Chidon Hatanch. Material is searchable by keyword and browsable by book of the Bible.

This site was created by the Torah Umesorah educational organization and consists of a free searchable online database of teacher-created learning materials and curricula. Free registration will allow you to create a profile so other educators can find and contact you and participate in discussion groups on various educational topics. The school rooms have tips, projects, and materials targeted to suit your area of instruction. You can also download parashat hashavuah pages and screensavers. This is an excellent starting point if you are looking for K-12 educational materials from a very traditional viewpoint.

Classroom Resources

From the Lookstein Center comes this database of lesson plans searchable by type, grade and category.


Designed by Rabbi Yehuda Eisenberg for teachers of Jewish Studies in Israeli religious schools, this Hebrew language collection of links to a broad variety of topics in Judaica is an excellent portal. Topics covered include Torah, Talmud, Literature, Citizenship, Jewish History, The Land of Israel, Responsa, Journals, Jewish Thought, Shabbat and Holidays, Jewish Family, Prayer, Bibliographies, Multimedia, Medicine and Jewish Law, Moral Dilemmas, Holocaust, Art, Humor.

Daat Encyclopedia

Hebrew language Jewish encyclopedia created by Yehuda Eisenberg and the team at the Jewish portal Daat.

Dayton Holocaust Resource Center

“The Dayton Holocaust Resource Center is responsible for storing, maintaining, purchasing, and disseminating Holocaust educational materials for teachers and researchers in the greater Dayton area.” In addition to information about the center and its work, there are teachers guide for teaching about the Shoah.

Echoes and Reflections

Founded by Yossie Hollander, this site provides resources for teaching about the Shoah.

Educational Books in Hebrew

Searchable source of Hebrew language books and movies located in Newark, New Jersey

Educational Materials from Yad Vashem

“The International School for Holocaust Studies produces educational materials for a variety of target populations and educational organizations in Israel and abroad.“

HaMercaz LiTivnun Limudim

From this very traditional website comes this large collection of Hebrew language materials divided into subjects.

Halacha Yomit

From this very traditional website comes this large collection of Hebrew language materials divided into subjects.

Instructional Resources from Amal

This Hebrew language site from The Amal Educational Network of secondary schools in Israel provides access to educational materials relating to the Bible, Jewish and Israeli history, and Judaism and democracy.

International Bible Contest

The site offers preparation advice and guides for the international Chidon Hatanch. There are a set of useful links and a syllabus you can download.

Israeli Textbooks

Hebrew language site that provide access to the full text of the textbooks used in Israeli schools. There are sections of the site that requirement payment, but most of the texts are free. You can browse by subject area.

JELED: Jewish European Learning Experience Dot.Net

Instructional materials in Finnish, German and Dutch to meet o meet the needs of these communities for curricular materials, ideas and opportunities of interaction in their national languages.

JNF's Educational Site

Sections for students, teachers and parents on this site from the Jewish National Fund.

Jewish Bible Quarterly Weekly Quizzes 

From the Jewish Bible Association comes this set of weekly quizzes on all of the parshiot of the Torah.

Jewish Education and Entertainment 

Jacob Richman provides a good collection of Flash games for learning Israeli geography, doing word searches and match games, and a coloring book. He also has several collections including a trivia database, a Jewish wisdom database, and a Jewish clip art database. Finally, he has included a Hebrew songbook and a Hebrew sign maker.

Jewish Educational Leadership

Articles designed with the intention of providing a good balance between theory and practice in the world of Jewish Education from the Lookstein Center.

Jewish Educator Portal

Part of the Jewish Educational Project, this site provides access to instructional resources for those teaching Jewish subjects in pre-school to high school.

Jewish Holiday Material for Teachers

Instructional material from the Jewish Agency for the Jewish holidays for teachers arranged by their order in the calendar year.

Jewish Portal of Teacher Education

Created by the Mofet Institute, this site serves as a clearinghouse for materials on all aspects of Jewish formal and informal education and teacher education. You can browse by topic or search using an advanced searching interface.

Jewish Trivia Quizzes

Created by Jacob Richman, this site allows you to create Jewish trivia quizzes that you can tailor to a given age, topic, number of questions and time.

Jewish Virtual Library

This project of the American-Israel Cooperative Enterprise provides encyclopedia-like articles on Jewish topics arranged in more than 35 subject areas. Articles are succinct, authoritative, and often include bibliographies. There are also links to sections describing the economic relationship between Israel and various U.S. states and links to the full text of the agencys publications as well as a Virtual Israel Experience tour. This is a well designed, comprehensive site that serves as an online Jewish encyclopedia. It should be a first stop for students researching any Jewish topic.

Journey to the Mizrach

From JIMENA comes this curriculum about the history and culure of Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews.

From the Board of Jewish Education of Chicago comes this collection of instructional materials arranged by subject.

Learning with the National Library of Israel

Resource packs and lesson plans using primary source materials in the National Library of Israel.

MAKOM – the Israel Engagement Network

This coalition between the Jewish Agency and Federation groups in the United States seeks new ways to engage diaspora Jews with Israel.

Midei Hodesh Behodsho

Journal for Jewish educators, publishing articles on Jewish Holidays and important Jewish persons. Includes bibliographies, references to multi-media materials and relevant websites.


Rich collection of resources for the study of Tanach, created by a consortium of educational groups in Israel. This searchable, Hebrew language site includes notes to each book of the Bible, timelines, links to maps, a glossary, historical material and pictures.

Mosdos Press

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, this company ”presents outstanding classic and contemporary secular literature for elementary school and middle school” that accord with traditional Jewish values."

Or Comics

Hebrew language site of Jewish comics that are distributed in pamphlets in some synagogues in Israel. Archives of the comics are available.

Resources on Jewish Values

From Areyvut, an organization devoted to promoting chesed projects among teens, comes this collection of resources and ideas for teaching Jewish values.

Sephardi and Mizrahi Educational Toolkit

Created by JIMENA, this curriculum guide provides teachers with material for teaching about the heritage of Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews. The resources are divided by subject area.


Hebrew language articles on Bible and Bible teaching, Oral Law and Halacha, Jewish education, and Jewish philosophy. Includes book reviews.

Tanach Study Center

Created by Menachem Leibtag, this site provides lessons on Chumash and Navi. There are ongoing shiurim, archives of older classes and student resource material.

Teach Torah

“This site contains lesson plans and discussion topics, accompanied by worksheets and review charts ready for printing. The lessons are intended for Yeshiva High Schools although the material can be adapted for other grades, college courses, and adult education.”

Teaching Sustainable Living

Resources from this Orthodox environmentalist group including teachings related to the weekly Torah parasha.

The Holocaust Explained

Created by the Wiener Holocaust Library in London, “This website has been created to help learners understand the essential facts of the Holocaust, its causes and its consequences. Designed with the British school curriculum in mind, our content is organised across nine clearly defined and easy-to-navigate topic areas.”

Torah Tots

Aimed at younger children, this site offers material on the weekly Torah reading and holidays along with music clips, a guest book, and a gift shop.


This website in English, French and Spanish provides instructional materials in Jewish subjects that are searchable by topic and grade level.

Unpacked for Educators

Videos, films and resources to supplement instruction about Judaism and Israel.

Virtual Library of Israeli Educational Television 

This Hebrew language site has resources for educational subjects arranged by topic. The site is browsable by topic and can be searched by keyword. There is access to an atlas of Israel and an historical atlas as well.

Zerach Educational Materials

Describing itself as "the largest importers of Israeli educational materials in North America," this site offers an online store that is searchable by keyword and subject.

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