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Jewish Radio

Israel News Talk Radio

An affiliate of Fox News, this conservative radio station allows you to listen online and read articles and blog posts from its journalists.

Jewish Rock Radio

Jewish Rock Radio (JRR) is an Internet radio station and the flagship program of Judaism Alive, a nonprofit formed in 2009 “to strengthen Jewish identity and connection for youth through their love of music, musical instruments, and online interaction.”

Nachum Segal Network

Also known as “JM in the AM,” you can listen to the show on 91.1 FM in the New York and New Jersey area and 90.1 FM in the Catskills Monday through Friday morning show from 6 to 9 A.M or on its app. You can check out the staff biographies, the history of the show, listen to the show live or listen to its archives. The archives are also searchable.

Radio J

Created by Phil and Shawn Fink, this online Internet radio station plays music, provides news reports and has programming for children.

Radio Kol HaLev

The Hebrew and English site of Radio Kol Halev describes itself as "the only radio with a variety of shows on a range of subjects and the only radio where diverse styles of Jewish-Israeli music are played. Music such as traditional Israeli music as well as the latest hits, Jewish music such as Chassidic as well as other religious songs of faith, and Mizrachi - oriental Israeli music."

Radio Melitz

Online radio station “broadcasting Jewishness Worldwide Radio that creates a common language – Broadcasting in (easy) Hebrew and other local languages.”

Radio Sefarad

Spanish language radio station featuring news and information of interest to the Sephardic community.

Streaming Jewish Radio Stations

Access to stations worldwide.


Tel Aviv's first English language radio station, available online as a podcast.

The Israel Hour

“Heard weekly in Central New Jersey on Rutgers University's WRSU Radio (88.7 FM), The Israel Hour plays a wide variety of Israeli music, from classic favorites to contemporary hits. The show has been hosted since 1994 by New Jersey residents Mairov Dubrovsky and Josh Shron.” You can listen to the songs, check out the relevant musical links and buy Israeli music.


Hebrew language site featuring Jewish, Chasidic Mizrachi, cantorial and Chabad music. There is also an app you can download.

Yiddish Voice

The home page of this Brookline, Massachusetts Yiddish-language radio show serving Boston's Yiddish-speaking community also serves as an Internet resource for listeners outside its broadcast area. Program schedules are listed along with news and access to other radio shows and Yiddish links on the Internet. You can listen to sample interviews and music, read about recent programs, and purchase items from the stations gift shop. There's even a live interview with Sholom Aleichem available. This is a good collection of Yiddish related materials.

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