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Israel—Basic Facts

A to Z Facts on Israel

From the Zionist Organization of America comes this extensive collection of material on timely topics about Israel.

CIA World Factbook on Israel

Taken from the print version of this book, this site provides a map of Israel along with statistical information about the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, and military might of Israel.

CIA World Factbook on Israel

Statistical information about the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, and military might of Israel.

Central Bureau of Statistics 

This English and Hebrew site offers selected statistical data about Israel including last months price indices, a census of population and housing, the Monthly Bulletin of Prices (in Hebrew), the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics, economic and financial indicators and the Statistical Abstract of Israel. Of particular note is the section on selected data which provides a vast array of material from the number of road accidents to the number of school age children. It is also possible to construct a search to extract desired information about a given area or time period. This is a powerful site for those seeking statistical information about Israel.

Facts about Israel

A subset of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site, this site offers information about Israel, its history, education, culture, economy, society, land and people, health and social services, science and technology, and its place among the nations of the world.

Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

“The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel is a non-governmental body which incorporates all municipalities and local councils in Israel. Today all 203 municipal local authorities in Israel are members of the Federation: 75 cities and 128 additional local councils.”

Government Gateway

This site is intended to be the entry point for services provided by the Israeli government through the Internet. The searchable site offers, in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian, indices arranged by subject and government structure. In addition there are links to local authorities, the telephone directory, national institutes, and email addresses of all government ministries.

Government Ministries and Authorities

Access to 24 ministries and 46 authorities of the Israeli government in English, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic.

Israel Defense Forces

This web site provides information about history, doctrine, organization, insignia, and armaments of the army. There are also sections on statistics, news, civil defense, and the IDF in pictures. All material is available in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.

Israel Postal Company

This official site in English, Hebrew and Arabic profiles the agency and offers information on its products, stamps and philatelic and electronic services, and postal rates. The authority sponsors a bank and has an online teller as well. You can also track packages sent through the mail here. On the Hebrew section of the page there is a very useful zip code search engine.

Israel's Ports

This government site offers information about the structure of the authority and information and statistics on the cargo and passengers in the three ports in Haifa, Ashdod, and Eilat

Israeli Air Force

This official site in Hebrew and English describes the history, aircraft, and campaigns of the Israeli Air Force. There is a chronology searchable by date. You can also read current issues of the Air Force publications and search their archives.

Israeli Navy

From this official site you can learn about the history, fleet, bases, craft, missions, and units of the Israeli Navy.

Israeli Police

This site in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian describes the history, organization, and programs provided by the Israeli police. It has a section devoted to safety tips for the public

Kibbutzi Artzi

Created by Hashomer Hatzair, this site provides information about the 85 kibbutzim that comprise its Kibbutz Artzi Federation. Material provided in English includes an overview of the federation and details about its program center and ulpan program. The more extensive information in the Hebrew section includes hypertext links to the home pages of all the member kibbutzim and news, bulletin boards, discussion groups, and events of the federation. There is also material about the education, economy, and publications of the kibbutzim. The entire site is searchable in Hebrew.

Knesset Documents

Searchable database in Hebrew of the legislation passed by the Knesset.

List of Banks in Israel

Descriptions of and links to Israeli banks.

List of Israeli Political Parties

Alphabetical hypertext linked page of all political parties past and present provided by the Knesset.

Political Parties and Elections

From the Israel Democracy Institute comes this searchable database of Israeli political parties and elections.

Religious Kibbutz Movement

Description:In Hebrew and English this site offers information about and access to the religious kibbutzim in Israel. Details about making aliyah to a religious kibbutz, ulpanim, conversion ulpanim, volunteer opportunities, and Torah institutions are also provided.

Sherut Leumi: National Civic Service

Information about doing national service instead of serving in the Israeli army.

The Knesset

The Knesset is Israel's parliament. This multimedia site in English, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic provides an introduction to the Knesset through a lexicon of terms defining the roles of government members and a selection of audio and video clips that can be viewed online. An online tour is also available. There are sections describing the Knessets organization, members, committees, history, and press releases. There are also areas about the Israeli government, its laws, and the most recent elections. Email and telephone listings for Knesset members are available.

US Relations with Israel

Information about Israel from the Department of State.

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