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Historical Organizations

American Jewish Historical Society

In addition to information about the events, membership, staff, library, archives, museum, prizes and fellowships, goals and history of this organization, this site is rich with other material of interest to Jewish historians. First, you can access the full text of the weekly articles on American Jewish history that the organization publishes in The Forward. There are also searchable databases of speakers, faculty and departments in American Jewish history, regional Jewish historical councils and genealogical societies and an extensive set of links to relevant organizations and publications in the subject area.

Australian Jewish Historical Society

"This site documents the Jewish experience in Australia, which began with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1778, and continued with Jewish involvement in all facets of the subsequent development and evolution of Australia." There are links to notices of meetings and historical tours, and to a timeline, references and sources, photos and to the Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society.

Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative

This site provides information about the Jewish neighborhoods, schools, and synagogues of Brooklyn, New York, the history of the Jews in the area, and a hall of fame of famous Brooklyn Jews, as well as details about the organization and its speakers bureau.

Center for Jewish History

The center in New York City
houses the American Jewish Historical Society, the American Sefardi Federation, the Leo Baeck Institute, the Yeshiva University Museum and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Chicago Jewish Historical Society

Documents Jewish life in this part of Illinois.

Columbus Jewish Historical Society

This collection documents the history of Jews in this part of Ohio. The site also provides a searchable database of the newspaper The Ohio Jewish Chronicle from 1922 to 1944.

Dinur Center for Jewish History

This comprehensive site from the Hebrew University provides access to more than 6,000 sites arranged by periods and topics, resources, academic world and organizations.

Foundation for Jewish Heritage

“The Foundation for Jewish Heritage is dedicated exclusively to the preservation of Jewish architectural sites, working internationally to ensure a future for historic synagogues, Jewish monuments and places of cultural significance.” Its site describes the group's work and projects.

Historical Society of Jews from Egypt

The site includes a Who's Who, articles by members, obituaries, media reports, art and photo gallery and genealogical resources about Egyptian Jews.

Indiana Jewish Historical Society

In addition to information about the society, the site provides access to information about the collection from 1845-2002.

Institute for Jewish History in Austria

This site in German and English provides information about the institute and its publications and films devoted to the history of Austrian Jewry.

Institute for the History of the German Jews

This site in English and German provides information about this organization based in Hamburg, Germany that focuses on the history of Jews in this region. There are details about its activities, library, publications, and digital resources.

International Survey of Jewish Monuments

“The International Survey of Jewish Monuments (ISJM) is an independent, non-profit, membership based, educational organization dedicated to the documentation, study, care and conservation of historic Jewish sites throughout the world.”

Israel Antiquities Authority

This Hebrew and English site describes the goals, events, publications, and projects of this official Israeli archaeological and preservation organization. Of particular note is the extensive database of archaeological sites and finds, along with an archaeological survey of Israel.

Israel Institute of Archeology

"Discoveries", which operates within the framework of the Israel Institute of Archeology (IAI), is the only body in Israel that specializes in archeology and is a source of reliable and up-to-date information. The Hebrew language site provides details about tours and archeological digs.

Izmir Jewish Heritage

This site in English and Turkish is devoted to presenting the history of the Jewish community in Izmir, Turkey.

Jewish Heritage Society

This site provides general information about the goals and programs of this group devoted to the study of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. The site is available in English and Russian and includes a list of relevant links.

Jewish Historical Institute

Located in Warsaw, Poland, this institute houses the largest collection of documents and materials related to Jewish life in Poland. Its website in English, Polish, and German describes its departments, events, bookshop, and publications and provides links to other relevant sites.

Jewish Historical Society of England

Information about the meetings and publications of this group devoted to the history of Anglo-Jewry. There are links to other British Jewish groups as well as an index to the journal that goes back to 1894.

Jewish Historical Society of Michigan

Documents Jewish life in Michigan.

Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina

To date, more than 400 oral histories pertaining to South Carolina Jewish history and culture have been recorded. Project staff and volunteers have compiled an extensive manuscript collection, including records of families, businesses, synagogues, and Jewish organizations. The archives contain thousands of manuscripts, historical photographs, genealogical records, and fieldwork files. For more information, visit:

Manhattan Jewish Historical Initiative

Information about the history, synagogues, neighborhoods, arts and culture of Jewish life in this part of New York City. Includes an annual Hall of Fame

New Mexico Jewish Historical Society

This site provides information about the goals and events of the group and provides an archive of its newsletter. There are links to relevant Jewish and New Mexico related sites as well

Ontario Jewish Archives

The Ontario Jewish Archives, Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre (OJA) is the largest repository of Jewish life in Canada. Its site provides access to the archives and describes its exhibits and programs. Of particular interest is the access to the Toronto Jewish City Directories from the 1920s and 1930s.

Southern Jewish Historical Society

The society focuses on Jewish life in the American South from colonial times to the present. The site includes information about the conference, newsletter, archives, and grants of the group.

The Jewish Historical Society of San Diego

Search this collection that is housed at San Diego State University in California.

The Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta

In addition to information about this historical society in Canada, the site also has a set of relevant links.

The Texas Jewish Historical Society

Documents Jewish life in Texas.

Washington State Jewish Historical Society

“The Washington State Jewish Historical Society is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and disseminating the history of the Jews of Washington State. The material for these endeavors is gleaned from the Jewish Archives Project, a joint program of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society and the University of Washington Libraries.” The site includes access to oral histories, photographs and memoirs that can be searched using the online catalog.

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