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Electronic Newspapers

American Israelite from Cincinnati

This weekly Jewish newspaper covers events in Cincinnati, Ohio. The website has information about Jewish organizations and services in the area. Of particular note is access to their archives that date back to 1854.


Searchable web site of the only Spanish language newspaper in Israel. The site offers full text articles on world and Jewish news, economics, politics, editorials, and the weekly Torah portion.

Australian Jewish News

"From its humble beginnings in 1895 as the Hebrew Standard of Australasia, the Australian Jewish News has grown into a quintessential part of the story of Australian Jewry." In addition to news, its website provides a searchable directory of Jewish businesses and groups.

Avlaremoz:Turkish Jewish News

The leading news about Jews in Turkey. The site is in Turkish.

B'Hadrei HaHaredim

Hebrew language portal for the Haredi community in Israel.

Baltimore Jewish Times

The online version of this print paper from Maryland. Archives are searchable and browsable. The community links and sourcebook sections serve as a portal to Jewish Baltimore.

Below the Line: The Feuilleton Project

This is a collection of multi-lingual historical newspaper articles about Jewish arts and culture. It is browsable by author, newspaper, language and place.

Boston Jewish Advocate

The online version of this print paper from Massachusetts.

Canadian Jewish News

The online version of this print paper from Canada. Archive of past issues is also available.

Chicago Jewish News

The online version of this print paper from Illinois. Archive of past issues is also available.

Cleveland Jewish News

Through this site, you have access to more than 130 years of Jewish history in Cleveland, Ohio, as reported by the Cleveland Jewish News and its predecessor newspapers.

Columbus Jewish News

“The Cleveland Jewish News has expanded into central Ohio with the establishment of the Columbus Jewish News. The News replaces the recently closed Ohio Jewish Chronicle”

Detroit Jewish News

The online version of this print paper from Michigan. Archive of past issues is also available.

Enlace Judio

Spanish-language Jewish publication from Mexico.

European Jewish Press

“Launched end 2005, the European Jewish Press is the sole online Jewish news agency in Europe. The privately funded Brussels-based outlet is an independent media body. It aims to provide both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences around the world with balanced, up-to-date and reliable news reports about European Jewry and other issues of concern to the Jewish community.”


Full-text of 30 Jewish German newspapers published throughout the world between 1933 and 1945 (in German).

Florida Jewish Newspaper Project

Housed at the University of Florida, this project provides access to The Jewish Floridian and other small, local Jewish newspapers in the state.


Describing itself as “The Daily Newspaper for Torah Jewry,” the digital site of this publication founded 100 years ago provides access to full text articles.


Haaretz is the premier Hebrew language newspaper of Israel. Its English version is available at However, you must be a subscriber to the newspaper to read many of the articles.

Haaretz Archive

Searchable archives of the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz dating back to 1994.


This weekly French language newspaper serves the French speaking Jews in Israel. The site contains a searchable archive of all of its issues.

Infos-Israel News

This is a French-language site providing news about Jews, israel and France.

Intermountain Jewish News

The online version of this print paper from Denver, Colorado.

Israel HaYom

This is the English and Hebrew site of the Israeli print newspaper Yisrael HaYom.


“Digital Jewish news daily for Australia and New Zealand.”

J. The Jewish News of Northern California

Digitized archives of this Jewish newspaper from San Francisco, California from 1895-2021.

Jewish Bulletin of Northern California

The online version of this print paper from San Francisco, California. Searchable archives are available. There is also full text access to a guide to Jewish life in the Bay area.

Jewish Herald Voice

The online version of this print paper from Houston, Texas.

Jewish Journal

The online version of this print paper from Los Angeles, California.

Jewish News from the UK

Formerly, “the current site offers daily national, international and regional breaking and developing news stories, columnists and blogs, celebrity news, gossip and interviews, cultural reviews, food, travel, sport and religious insight.” It has a particular focus on Anglo-Jewry.

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

Selected articles from this Jewish newspaper from Phoenix, Arizona. Of particular note is the community directory providing information about organizations and services for the Jewish community of Phoenix.

Jewish Post

The online version of this print paper from New York.

Jewish Telegraph

Online home of The Jewish Telegraph, the newspaper that services Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and the northern part of the UK.

Jewish Times Asia

The website of this monthly newspaper provides regional news and information about Jewish communities in Asia. Back issues are available online dating back to 2006.

Jewish Tribune

Scans of this weekly Haredi newspaper from London that covers British Jewry.

Jewish Weekly Review of Perth Australia

Full text articles about local and international news from this newspaper in Perth, Australia

Jews Down Under

“Jews Down Under is a ‘not for profit’ site, which originally came to being for a need to have a space somewhere in the Jewish world, in Australia, to be able to speak openly and honestly about OUR Community and Israel without being silenced.”

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

The online version of this print paper from Kansas City, Missouri.

Le Petit Hebdo

This weekly French language newspaper serves the French speaking Jews in Israel. The site contains a searchable archive of all of its issues.


Maariv is one of Israel's daily newspapers. This Hebrew language site provides access to its articles.

Makor Rishon

This is the Hebrew language website of the Israeli newspaper that caters to the traditional Jewish community.

New Jersey Jewish News

The online version of this print paper from New Jersey.

New Jersey Jewish Standard

Serving "the Jewish communities of Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, and Rockland counties with an indispensable newspaper that will present local, national, and world news of Jewish interest." In addition to current events, the site also offers archives back to 2000.

Niew Israelitisch Weekblad

This Dutch weekly provides articles of interest to the Jewish community and links to Israeli sites in Dutch.

Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project

"The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project (PJN) is a unique, free, searchable fulltext archive that documents the history and life of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. To date, it is a digital archive of The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962) and The Jewish Chronicle (1962-present). "


Şalom Gazetesi is the Turkish Jewish community’s weekly newspaper.

South African Jewish Report

Home to the only national Jewish newspaper in South Africa, this website provides full text access to the articles in this weekly newspaper.

The Forward

Full text of the national American Jewish newspaper. Archives are searchable and browsable and date back to 1998.

The Jerusalem Post

The online site of the major English language newspaper in Israel.

The Jewish Chronicle

The online version of this print paper, which is the leading Jewish newspaper in Great Britain and the voice of London Jewry. Its archives can be searched and go back to 1841.

The Jewish Exponent

The online version of this print paper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Jewish Press

The online version of this print paper from New York that has a traditional religious viewpoint.

The Jewish Voice

The website of this weekly newspaper serving the greater New York area and focusing on material of interest to the traditional Jewish community.

The Southern Israelite

Searchable database of this newspaper published in Atlanta, Georgia. This site has the holdings from 1929 to 1986.


Canadian Jewish newspaper based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Times of Israel

“The Times of Israel is a Jerusalem-based online newspaper founded in 2012 to document developments in Israel, the Middle East and around the Jewish world.” In addition to its news from Israel, it is now the platform for a number of Jewish newspapers in the Diaspora, including the Atlanta Jewish Times, the Jewish Standard from New Jersey, the Jewish Week from New York, the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, and the Jewish News from the UK.

Vos Iz Neias?

Yiddish for “what's new?” is a news site focusing on the Orthodox Community in the Greater New York area.

Yated Ne'eman

Electronic version of this weekly Jewish newspaper that represents the Chareidi perspective.

Yeshiva World News

Yeshiva World News is an Orthodox Jewish online news publication. It also has multiple services catering to Jews all over the world.

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