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Electronic Journals


A French language magazine based in France.

Ami Magazine

Weekly publication for the observant community.

Arquivo Maaravi: Digital Journal of Jewish Studies

Digitized journal from Brazil published semi-annually since 2007.


Hebrew language journal of articles on Jewish topics for hesder yeshiva students. You can browse by topic or date or search the site. The articles can be downloaded in pdf format.

Commentary Magazine

Selected full text articles dating back to 1996 from the back issues of this national news and opinion journal. Site is searchable.

Compact Memory

A project of the German Research Foundation, this is a digitized, searchable collection of German Jewish newspapers, journals, and periodicals from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century. You can browse by title and date of the publication and see the page images.

Conservative Judaism magazine

This journal of articles by American Conservative rabbis has an index in pdf format for 1945-2000.

Cross-Currents: A Journal of Torah and Current Affairs

Browsable archives of this publication which presents essays designed to put current events in a Torah perspective.

ESRA Magazine

Produced by the English Speaking Residents Association in Israel, the full text of this magazine going back to 2007 are available, along with an index of articles.

Eretz Magazine

Selected full text articles from the current and back issues of this geography magazine that highlights places of interest in Israel. Access is also provided to the Hebrew language publications of this company including Metropolis and and Eretz VaTeva, which is the Hebrew version of the magazine.

Etmol Magazine

Access to selected Hebrew language articles from this history magazine published by Yad Ben Zvi.

Hadassah Magazine

“Hadassah Magazine is published bimonthly covering politics, news and culture, joining prize-winning journalism with our readers' diverse interests.”

Israel Magazine

The online site of this French language magazine has news articles and archives dating back to 2011.

Jewish Action

News and activities of the Orthodox Union, its youth division (NCSY), Torah retreats and department of kashrut supervision. Seeks to preserve and enhance Orthodoxy in the modern world. Includes advertisement and book reviews.Selected full-text articles are available on the Internet from 1998.

Jewish Bible Quarterly

This non-denominational journal is "is the only Jewish-sponsored magazine in English devoted entirely to the Tanakh." From this site you can access the 24 year index which is searchable by author, keyword, and book of the Bible. Some full text articles are available.

Jewish Currents Magazine

The online version of this "secular, progressive bimonthly" provides some articles in full text. Archives are available back to 2003, and an index of full text articles is also provided.


Edited by Dr. Nora Gold, this is “the only English-language journal devoted exclusively to the publishing of Jewish fiction.” You can read the current issue for free, but must register for free to read the archives.

Jewish Life Magazine from South Africa

“Jewish Life magazine, the highest circulating and most widely read Jewish publication in South Africa, uniquely appeals to the entire Jewish community. Available in both print and digital editions, including as a free app on iOS and Android”

Jewish News in Spanish

Focusing on establishing communication among Spanish speaking Jews, “HebreosNet offers to all the Spanish-speaking Jews of the world a set of resources to foment, among other things, the debate of opinions, the knowledge of our traditions and our union as a people.“

Jewish Renaissance

From the website of this British publication devoted to Jewish culture, you can read sample articles, check the contents of back issues, and subscribe online.

Jewish Review of Books

“The Jewish Review of Books is a quarterly publication (in print and on the web) for serious readers with Jewish interests.” The site is searchable and provides access to past issues dating back to 2010, when the journal began publication.

Jewish Voice from Germany

Online magazine in English and German whose goal is “to communicate the long history that Jews and Germans share with each other. “

Jewish World Review

Compilation of articles from traditional sources on a wide variety of topics.

Jewish in Seattle Magazine

Jewish In Seattle is the community magazine that the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle publishes bimonthly about the Puget Sound Jewish community in the state of Washington. Archives are available back to 2015.

Judaica : Beiträge zum Verstehen des Judentums

Digitized archives of this German-language periodical from Switzerland about Judaism. The archives cover 1945-2018.

Judaica Petropolitana

This is an online journal in English and Russian of articles in Jewish philosophy, all of which can be downloaded as pdfs.

K: A Review of European Jews in the 21st Century

Electronic journal that publishes articles about the life of Jews in Europe in the 2st century.

Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies

“Melilah is an interdisciplinary Open Access journal available in both electronic and book form concerned with Jewish law, history, literature, religion, culture and thought in the ancient, medieval and modern eras.” Full text articles going back to 2004 are available.

Mishpacha Magazine

The goal of this magazine is “to facilitate the exchange of ideas and values between the varying streams within the Orthodox Jewish world, among them the Hassidic, Yeshivish, Sephardic, and Modern Orthodox communities.”

Moment Magazine

Founded by Elie Wiesel and Leonard Fein in 1975, this independent bimonthly journal covers the Jewish world with a focus on culture, religion, and politics. The searchable online version provides articles in these areas along with a message board and details about subscribing to the print version. Of particular note is the resources section which offers searchable directories for Jewish charities, retreats, camps, schools of higher learning, Israeli programs, and Jewish artists.

Mosaic Magazine

“The main feature in Mosaic is a full-length monthly essay on an issue or theme of pressing significance for Jews, Judaism, or the Jewish state.”

Multes Jovo Journal: Hungarian Jewish Cultural Quarterly

This Hungarian and English site provides the tables of contents of the journal dating back to 1998.

Quest: Issues in Contemporary Jewish History

Questioni di storia ebraica contemporanea is an open access and peer reviewed journal published by the Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea (CDEC) in Italy, an institute devoted to historical research that was established in Milan in 1955. CDEC focuses its attention on the history of Italian Jews in the 20th century, the Fascist and Nazi persecutions, anti-Semitism.

Raices: Roots

This Spanish language publication is the only magazine focusing on the cultural life of Jews in Spain. Its website offers a browsable index of topics by subject that have been covered in previous issues.

Segula Magazine: The Jewish Journey through History

This online journal in Hebrew and English focuses on Jewish history. Selected articles are available in full text.


This Turkish language portal is designed as an online magazine for Jews in Turkey and covers topics such as holidays, Jewish studies, Pirke Avot, music, news, ask the rabbi, and divrei Torah.

Tablet: A New Read on Jewish Life

“Tablet is a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture.”

The American Jewess

Digitized collection of The American Jewess (1895-1899), which described itself as "the only magazine in the world devoted to the interests of Jewish women." It was the first English-language periodical targeted at American Jewish women.

The Lehrhaus

“The Lehrhaus is a forum to generate thoughtful and dynamic discourse among individuals within the Orthodox community and beyond who enjoy exploring the depth and diversity of Jewish ideas. It provides rigorous content and encourages vibrant discussion. It harnesses the power of the Digital Age to reinvigorate and perpetuate the great Jewish conversations of our times.”

The Scribe Magazine

Full text articles from this journal of Babylonian Jewry

The Tower Magazine

“Each day, features real-time updates and analysis of geopolitical, security, economic, social and other events and trends affecting the Middle East and America’s interests in the region.”


Selected full text articles from this bimonthly Jewish critique of politics, culture and society.

Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought

Tradition is published by the Rabbinical Council of America and its articles reflect Orthodox approaches to Jewish thought. The online version of the periodical provides browsable tables of contents of current and past issues. Full text articles of the current issue and those in the archives are available to subscribers only.

Tzarich Iyun: Charedi Thought and Ideas

Tzarich Iyun, meaning “requires investigation,” was first established as a Hebrew-language journal focusing on issues relating to Charedi society in Israel. This English-language version will both provide a window into the challenges and opportunities faced by Israeli Charedi society—many of which share a common denominator with similar challenges abroad—and supply a dynamic platform for deliberating issues specific to the English-speaking Charedi public in Israel and worldwide.

Union List of Digitized Jewish Historic Newspapers, Periodicals and e-Journals

Created by Yossi Galron at Ohio State University, this is a comprehensive list of digitized Jewish newspapers, periodicals, and e-journals published worldwide. There are two alphabetical listings—one for publications in Hebrew characters and one for publications in all other characters. The list provides links to the places where the digital versions of the publications appear.

Virginia Jewish Life Magazine

“Virginia Jewish Life, formerly known as The Virginia Jewish News is the first and only magazine catering to Jewish communities across the state.”

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