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Beth Din of America

“Beth Din of America is a rabbinical court serving affiliated and unaffiliated Jews, including the entire spectrum of the Orthodox Jewish community.” The site provides information about the services it offers. Of special interest are the forms including prenuptial agreements, and decisions handed down by the court.


“"Kayama is a non-profit organization that provides information and assistance for obtaining a Jewish divorce."

Mavoi Satum

"The English and Hebrew home page of this Jerusalem based organization, whose name means “dead end,” and is devoted to the plight of agunot describes the mission, activities and volunteer opportunities of the group and offers suggestions and a reading list for agunot. There are personal stories and information about publications.

Organization for the Resolution of Agunot

O.R.A., the organization for the resolution of agunot, is dedicated to helping women receive gittin. The site offers information including a list of recalcitrant men and a list of Jewish courts of law (batei din) that deal with divorce decrees.

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