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Association of Folk Dance Instructors in Israel and Abroad

If you have ever wanted to find out where your favorite Israeli dance teacher is teaching in Israel, try this Hebrew language site designed for Israeli dance instructors. It has a database searchable by location and teacher that will help you find the one you are looking for.

Israeli Dance Institute

The website for this group in New York provides information about resources useful for those interested in Israeli folk dance groups and instructions including publications and workshops.

Israeli Dances

Created by Aura Levin Lipski, the founder of the Jewish Australia Online Network, this is a comprehensive resource about Israeli dancing. The site provides news, dance events in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and links to relevant sites. Of particular note are the browsable database of more than 350 choreographers and the searchable database of more than 4000 dances.

Rokdim: Israeli Folk Dance Center

This Hebrew and English site, created by Yaron Meishar, provides information and materials for folk dancing, including the production and distribution of videos, tapes, DVDs, CDs, and computer software and a monthly magazine. Of particular note is the searchable databases of dance instructors, dance steps, and places where Israeli folk dances are taught and performed.

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