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Commercial Software


This site sells CDs and mp3s for learning how to chant the Torah, the Haftorah, and the Five Megillot in a variety of tunes including Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Yerushalmi, and Moroccan. Samples of the various tropes for the different nusachs are available.


The browsable and searchable site of this major Judaic software producer is divided into subject categories.


Esh specializes in developing solutions for learning Torah and Halacha on handheld computers.This site supplies you with Jewish software for handheld devices. You can purchase modules online for Tanach, prayers, halacha, gemara, and mishna.

Ivrix Project: Hebrew Spell Checker

You can download this free Hebrew spell checker and use it in programs such as Open Office or add it as an extension on browsers such as Firefox.

Kabbalah Software

This distributor of Judaic software has a browsable catalog.


This software publisher sells several Jewish products including Trope Trainer to learn how to chant from the Torah and several titles to learn Hebrew.

Kosher Internet Filters

Access to a variety of options for those seeking to filter their access to the Internet.

Lev Software

Producer of several titles designed to teach Hebrew reading and Bar Mitzvah preparation.

TES: Torah Education Software

Describing itself as “the world's largest developer and distributor of Judaic, Hebrew and Bible educational software,” the company has more than 120 titles.

Zigzag World

The home page of these producers of Hebrew and Judaic educational software also features a number of programs you can download for free. Of particular note are the Java applets that teach you how to type on a Hebrew keyboard and provide other educational content.

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