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Biographies of Gedolim

Mini-biographies about famous rabbis, divided by time period from the 9th to the 20th centuries.

Biographies of Rabbis

From the OU staff comes this browsable and searchable collection of biographies about famous rabbis.

Biographies of Torah Commentators

Created by the producers of the La-Am Talmud, this site provides short biographies of commentators on Jewish texts as well as terms related to them. The collection is arranged alphabetically.

Biographies of Tzadikim

Searchable database of biographies of tzadikim based on their yahrzeits (death dates), referred to in some communities as the hillulah. Some material is factual, some includes legends and give their source. You can arrange the output by date as well.

Biographies of Tzadikim from Zissl

Wikipedia like entries for biographical information about famous rabbis.

Gallery of our Great

From Chabad comes these brief biographies of famous Jews from the Bible to the present.

Judische Schriftstellerinnen und Schriftsteller in Westfalen 

Based at the University of Paderborn, this project offers bio- and bibliographical information about more than 500 Jewish authors with biographical connections to Westphalia, Germany, including text excerpts, audio documents, images and related data. The site is in German, and provides links to relevant sites as well.

List of Jews from Wikipedia

A large collection people in various categories that Wikipedia has included as Jews.

My Tzadik

This is a searchable database in English and Hebrew of the graves of tzadikim. You can browse by geographic location and date of death.

Rabbi Louis Jacobs

This site provides access to information about and publications of Rabbi Louis Jacobs, a major religious figure in Britain.

Rabbi Map

Created by a Shlomo Katz, this map indicates the location of major rabbinic figures from the earliest periods to the present day.

Rav Kook

This site provides access to the books and teachings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook, the first chief rabbi of Israel. There is an extensive database of his teachings on the weekly Torah parasha as well as material on Shabbat, the holidays, prayer and stories.

Tanach Profiles: An Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities

Created by Rabbi Jonathan Mishkin, this is an alphabetical listing of every individual mentioned in the Bible. Its focus is the literal presentation of the stories and lives of the many people who populate the Bible. Entries contain three pieces of information. (1) The individuals name; (2) Locations where the person appears in the Bible, (3 A summary of the personalitys life as recorded in the text.

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