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Bar Mitzvah

Celebrate Israel

Information from a commercial site about planning a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah in Israel.


This site contains short printable resource sheets for each Haftorah including its the storyline ,the connection to the parasha, the biography of the prophet and a lesson of the week. The sheets also contain photos of archeological sites, maps and timelines. This is also a useful site for bar and bat mitzvah students.

Your Comprehensive Bar Mitzvah Guide

This site in English and Hebrew is designed for those learning to chant the Torah or Haftorah. You can listen to each aliyah in Sephardi, Ashkenazi or Moroccan nusach. There is additional material for those preparing for Bar or Mitzvah including laws about tefillin, the blessings for the Torah and Haftorah readings and the notes for the readings done in each nusach.

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