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Asian Jewish Life

This electronic journal “is a celebration of the diversity of the Jewish experience in Asia as well as of Asian Jewry.” The site provides access to the full text of the articles of all of issues beginning in 2009. There is also a set of links to congregations in Asia arranged by country.

Association of Gulf Jewish Communities (AGJC)

“The Association of Gulf Jewish Communities (AGJC) is the umbrella organization for the Jewish communities of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). he AGJC oversees programming and services such as the Beth Din of Arabia, the Arabian Kosher Certification Agency, lifecycle events and other community programs.”


From Chabad comes this site with information on kashrut, religious services, schools, events, and classes of interest to those visiting and living in this city in China.

Beijing, China

The home page of Kehillat Beijing offers a history of the congregation, information of interest to residents and visitors to China about prayer services, educational and social activities and the availability of kosher food. You can register online for Shabbat meals.

Center for Research on Jewish Communities of the Caucasus and Central Asia

This site in English, Hebrew and Russian provides information about Jewish communities from the Caucasus and Central Asia, those from Bukhara, Mountain Jews, Georgia, Armenia, Rabbanites (Ashkenazim, Krimchaks) and Karaites.

Hong Kong

This site, created by the Sephardi Hechal Ezra Congregation, offers information about Jewish facilities in Hong Kong, as well as details about the history, programs, services, and special events of the synagogue.

Hong Kong Jewish Community Centre

Details about the facilities of the center, including its library, restaurant, and Shabbat dinner. The site also provides links to other Jewish groups in Hong Kong.

Indian Jewish Heritage Center

On this site devoted to preserving and presenting the heritage of the Jews of India, there is extensive information about their synagogues and communities.

Jewish Community of Japan

For visitors to Tokyo, you can find out about Shabbat and holiday services at the Jewish Community Center, nearby hotels, kosher food, and mikveh availability. For residents of the area, the web site details religious school and adult education as well as social and cultural activities.

Jews of China

This site in English and Hebrew is “dedicated to preserving the history of The Jewish presence In China.” There is detailed information about the various communities and the work of the Association of Former Residents of China in Israel.

Jews of India

This portal offers information about the Jews of Cochin, Bagdhadi Jews who settled in India and the Bene Israel. There is a bibliography and a set of relevant links as well as news about community events, mostly in the US.

Ohel Leah Synagogue

The home page of this Orthodox synagogue in Hong Kong describes its history, programs, services, and special events. This is an online tour as well as information on kosher facilities in Hong Kong.

Recalling Jewish Calcutta

Audio visual exhibits about Jewish life in Calcutta, India.


This home page offers information about the community, its programs, activities and library. There are a number of links aimed at tourists including details on Shabbat services and meals and arranging for tours of Jewish Shanghai and the Ohel Rachel Synagogue. Of particular note are the links to Asian Jewish web sites arranged by geographic area.

Singapore Jews

This site provides information for residents and visitors to Singapore about Jewish facilities including kosher food, synagogues, and a museum.

Sino Judaic Institute

This virtual organization is a “resource to all who are curious about various aspects of Chinese-Jewish relations and want to learn more.” The site provides information about Jewish communities in China and tourist information, a bibliography and links to relevant sites.


"This home page lists information of interest to tourists including contact information for synagogues and kosher facilities.

Turkish Jewish Community

Information in English and Turkish about the Jewish community in Turkey including its institutions, cemeteries, synagogues and kosher facilities.

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