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Aliyah Adjustment Issues for Immigrant Youngsters

This site from Kav LaNoar provides resources and suggestions for families of new olim whose children are having difficulty adjusting to their new lives in Israel.

Aliyah Pages by Jacob Richman 

This excellent list of resources for people contemplating aliyah was compiled by Jacob Richman, an oleh himself, and contains links to aliyah centers, appliances, housing, information files, jobs, learning Hebrew , olim organizations, useful addresses, web links and an article on "Why Aliyah?"

Aliyah for French Speakers

Information on Aliyah and Israeli culture for Jews from France.

Aliyah for Returning Israelis

This Hebrew language site outlines the help and benefits the Israeli government offers to Israelis who have been abroad for several years and want to return to Israel.

Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel

Information about the organization as well as pre-aliyah information.

Computer Jobs in Israel 

Created by Jacob Richman, is a comprehensive resource for finding computer jobs in Israel. The site includes bi-weekly job reports, salary surveys, a news archive, a English/Hebrew dictionary and an email list you can join.

ESRA: English Speaking Residents Association in Israel

This home page details the activities and services of this group that represents English speakers in Israel. Links created by the ESRA computer club to Jewish and Israeli sites as well as online buying sites are also available.

Employment in Israel

This site in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and French provides a searchable database of job postings in Israel.


The mission of this organization is “to assist qualified olim from around the world in realizing their professional aspirations in Israel and provide them with a strong social anchor for a successful aliyah.” The site provides networking opportunities for new immigrants seeking jobs.

HOB: The British Immigrants’ Association

“The aims of H.O.B. are to help British immigrants from the UK and Ireland and further their integration by providing social, educational and cultural activities at branches throughout the country, as well as at national events.”

International Shipping to Israel

Online directory of international shipping companies and freight forwarders. Provides information about moving, and details about air, ocean, auto, vehicle, and cargo shipping companies..

Israel and Electricity

This site, from an Israeli electrician in Jerusalem, offers guidance about issues relating to electrical appliances and wiring in Israel.

Israeli Salaries

This Hebrew language site provides information about average monthly salaries for a variety of jobs in Israel. The site is searchable and browsable by subject.

Jewish Agency For Israel

This searchable site in Russian, French, Spanish and English has special sections on aliyah.

Jobnet: Jobs in Israel

You can search this English and Hebrew site by field, keyword and company for free when looking for a job. Employers can also post jobs here.

Kef International

This shipping company specializes in service to Israel and offers a detailed description of the process of international shipping. It also has information on customs and storage. Of particular note are the useful resources on the specifics of shipping to Israel.

Kol Zechut

All Rights is a non-profit, collaborative project, built and maintained by a large group of Israeli experts building an encyclopedia for all information about Rights and Entitlements in Israel.

Ministry of Immigration and Absorption

Information in English, Hebrew and Russian about the services the Israeli government provides to new immigrants.

Mortgage Israel

Aimed at the English-speaking community, this commercial site provides information about how to apply for a mortgage if you are living in Israel or outside it.

Nefesh B'nefesh

Nefesh B'nefesh helps North American Jews make aliyah by offering financial, professional, and logistical support to them. Their site provides extensive information about moving to Israel including their Aliyapedia and pilot trips.

Newcomers' Guide

Created by Chaim v'Chessed, this English-language guide is geared toward observant Jews moving to Israel, but contains a great deal of useful general information.

OLEI: Organization of Latin American Immigrants in Israel

This Spanish language site provides news and information from the umbrella organization helping olim from South and Central America in Israel.

OR Movement

For those who are considering settling in the Galilee or the Negev, this site in English, Hebrew, French, and Russian, offers information about communities and facilities.


This French language site from the umbrella organization for Jews from France provides resources for making aliyah in French.

Sharon Woodrow Memorial Ebook Library

A service of AACI, this library allows members of the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel to download English language books to read for free on their electronic devices.

Shira Pransky Project

Part of AACI, this organization provides information in English to help new immigrants navigate the Israeli healthcare system and learn about the medical benefits available to them. There are guides to your rights, forms for the health insurance companies and a directory of organizations.

Telfed--South African Zionist Federation

Information about the activities and services offered by this South African Zionist organization.

The Anglo List

Created by Suzanne Suckerman, the Anglo List describes itself as "the premier directory site for information on all services, destinations and aspects of life in Haifa and Israel, for English-speaking olim, residents, tourists and businessmen." English-speaking olim can advertize their professional services on the list, which is browsable by subject and searchable by keyword.

UWORK: Jobs in Israel for Olim

Searchable database in a variety of languages that recruits speakers of foreign languages for jobs in Israel.

Voleh: Volunteer Oleh Helpers

“To ease the immigration and absorption process for new olim to Israel, Voleh provides helpful articles, guidance, and the assistance of volunteers who have themselves been through the process.
Voleh is an organization made up of both lawyers and non-lawyers who try to help and guide Portuguese and English speaking immigrants—both new and old timers.”

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