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Web Links For: Western Europe
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JewishEurope.org Hits:548
Description:Created by Chabad, this site provides a portal to information about Jewish communities in Belgium, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.
Submitted On:2009-08-07

Jguide Europe: The Cultural Jewish Guide to Europe Hits:59
Description:“Edited by a sixteen-member team of journalists and historians, The Cultural Guide to Jewish Europe invites travellers to discover an unknown Europe off the beaten tourist-track.”
Submitted On:2017-08-27

Kol Hakehila Hits:517
Description:This English language quarterly publication focuses on the Jewish communities in Greece. Topics covered include community programs, genealogical resources, a bulletin board, educational activities, information about the Greek community in Jerusalem, exhibitions, and tours of sites of Jewish interest in Greece. You can also shop for books, cards, photos, and other cultural items in the culture shop and learn more about Elias Messinas, a Greek Jewish architect. The newsletter is available online and is archived entirely and searchable. Of particular note is the section Jewish sites in Greece. There are links to relevant Jewish and Greek sites as well.
Submitted On:2003-01-01

Kosher in France Hits:2562
Description:This French and English site offers a database of kosher restaurants, delis, bakeries, grocery stores, caterers, and butchers in France. You can select by name, region, specialty, hashgasha, or search by keyword. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2005-10-02

Kosher in Greece Hits:242
Description:Created by Chabad, this site in English, Hebrew and French provides details about the kosher facilities, Shabbat hospitality, Jewish attractions, and synagogues in Greece.
Submitted On:2013-12-11

La Federación de Comunidades Judías de España : Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain Hits:59
Description:Information in Spanish for residents and tourists about Jewish communities and kashrut in Spain.
Submitted On:2017-08-27

Lisbon Hits:515
Description:Sponsored by the Shaare Tikva synagogue, this site describes the synagogue, its history, and visiting hours. The site also plans to post material about the history of the Jews in both Lisbon and Portugal and provide access to its bulletin, to genealogical and bibliographic information about the community, and links to relevant sites. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2003-01-01

Malta Hits:516
Description:Written by Lawrence Attard Bezzina, this is a narrative describing the Jewish community on this Mediterranean island.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Moked: Portal for Italian Judaism Hits:3449
Description:This Italian language site created by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities provides information about Jewish life and services throughout the country for residents and tourists, as well as an online magazine called Pagine Ebraiche and details about Jewish cultural events in Italy.
Submitted On:2011-01-25

Morasha Hits:366
Description:This largely Italian site designed in a magazine format provides book reviews, a list of events, and sections on Jewish life cycle events, holidays, and midrashim along with questions based on Rashi for each of the parshiyot. There are links to a number of Italian Jewish organizations and publications as well. Of particular note are the sections in Italian and English on kashrut facilities and Jewish museums throughout the country.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

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You are here: Main > Western Europe

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