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Institutions of Jewish Learning

Academy for Jewish Religion

The homepage of this New York based non-denominational seminary lists its course offerings for rabbis and cantors.

Academy for Jewish Religion

The homepage of this New York based non-denominational seminary lists its course offerings for rabbis and cantors, tuition, calendar, faculty, and degree requirements.

American Jewish University

Based in Los Angeles and once known as the University of Judaism, this school represents the Conservative movement on the West Coast. Its searchable home page describes the faculty and programs of the school in its college of arts and sciences, graduate and rabbinical schools and its admissions requirements. There is also information about the schools extension program, elderhostel, conferences, think tanks, writers institute, performing arts series, gallery, and sculpture garden. The links section provides access to general and Jewish resources in Los Angeles and Jewish communal, news, and educational sites.

Baltimore Hebrew Institute

Learn about the history, course offerings, faculty, resources, and services of this school in Maryland that offers undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, and elderhostel programs and is now part of Towson College. You will also find links of Jewish interest, to sister institutions, and to the surrounding community near Baltimore Hebrew University.

Beit Morasha

"Founded in 1990, Beit Morasha of Jerusalem innovatively enhances the Jewish and Zionist character of the State of Israel, and empowers a committed leadership to engage contemporary religious, cultural and social challenges." Its website provides informatiom about the Robert M. Beren College and the Beit Morasha Press.

Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem

Information about the faculty and programs of study at this yeshiva in Jerusalem sponsored by the Conservative Movement.

Drisha Institute

Information on the academic programs and admissions policies at this institute in New York that trains women to be scholars and teachers in the Jewish community.

Gratz College

The home page of this Philadelphia school describes the programs of its college, high school, and continuing education programs. Information on the library and its special collections is also available.

Hebrew College

Information about the courses, admissions policy, Hebrew programs, adult education, youth programs, online courses, alumni, library, affiliates, and faculty of this Boston based school.

Hebrew Theological College

The home page of this school located in Skokie, Illinois describes the yeshiva programs for men and women aimed at university age and high school age students. There is information about the schools summer camp and its community service program. Of particular note is the colleges library catalog which can be searched online.

Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

With branches in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York, and Jerusalem, this school is "the academic, spiritual and professional development center for Reform Judaism." Its searchable home page describes the school and its degree programs, rabbinical training, faculty, courses, and admissions requirements, as well as its adult learning and outreach programs. Alumni can sign up for a listserv. Online directories for staff and students are available as well. Of particular note is the schools library which can be searched online as well as the listing of publications by faculty members that are available in full text.

Hesder Net

This Hebrew language portal features information about the hesder yeshivot of Israel--institutions that combine yeshiva study with military service--and much more. There are links to religious portals, forums, news sources, leisure activities, music sites, online learning opportunities, and studies in the weekly Torah portion.

Jerusalem College of Technology: Machon Lev

This college integrates study of Torah with instruction in technological skills. Its web site provides information about the courses of study, admission policies, research projects, and conferences sponsored by the college.

Jewish Theological Seminary of America 

The searchable home page of this New York based school of the Conservative movement describes the departments, curriculum, admissions policies, and faculty of the institution. Details about student life, degree requirements, rabbinical and cantorial programs, and outreach activities are also provided. The Learn Online section offers access to publications, listservs, mini-lessons, and other educational resources. There is a student email directory, an online tour of the facility, and an alphabetical index to the web sites contents. Of particular note is the extensive library section which provides an online searchable catalog of the one of the worlds premier Judaica collections as well as striking online exhibits.

Leo Baeck College

Based in London, this school prepares rabbis for serving the Reform community. Its home page describes the schools academic programs, its history, faculty, and library. A set of relevant links is also provided.

Levisson Instituut

This site in English and Dutch describes the activities of the Levisson Institute for the training of rabbis and leaders for the Dutch (Liberal) Jewish community. The site includes links to the music library which provides sheet music for the synagogue services as used in the Liberal congregations in The Netherlands throughout the year.

London School of Jewish Studies 

"The London School of Jewish Studies (formerly Jews College, London) is a modern Orthodox academic institution, representing a type of Orthodoxy open to that which is best in the general culture." From its home page you can learn about its part time and full time undergraduate and graduate programs, its evening courses, inter-collegiate courses, and technical and vocational training. Information about the schools faculty and publications is also available.

Machon Meir

This Hebrew language site from the Israeli institution Machon Meir provides a large, searchable and browsable database of webcasts and mp3 shiurim on Jewish subjects.


Founded by Rabbi Judith Abrams, Maqom is "a cyber-school for adult Talmud study." Its searchable site allows you to sign up for free Talmud study by email. You can search the listservs archives, consult an annotated bibliography about Talmudic literature, and check the list of relevant web sites.

Moscow Center for Teaching Jewish Studies

This English and Russian site from the Sefer Centre promotes the development of Jewish Studies in higher education institutions in Russia. The site gives details about programs for students and young researchers, conferences and publications.


This site provides information about and access to this institute for women interested in advanced Jewish studies. You can listen to shiurim online. The site is in English, Hebrew and French.

Ohr Someyach

The searchable home page of this Jerusalem based institution describes its departments and programs of study, and outreach programs for overseas students during the summer and winter breaks and after high school. It also houses a wide range of resources including an extensive section on exploring Jewish thought, literature, and humor, a large collection of full text publications, and audio recordings. Of particular note are the email directories of faculty and alumni, the archives of the 25 listservs hosted by the organization, the section on the Jewish holidays, and the archives of the daf yomi studies.

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College 

The searchable home page of this Philadelphia based school describes the departments, curriculum, admissions policies, and faculty of the institution. Details about student life, degrees requirements, scholarships, and internships are also provided.

Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies 

The home page of this graduate school for advanced Jewish studies, Jewish education, and rabbinics from the Conservative Movement details the constituents of the institute and their programs. Included are the TALI Educational Fund, the Midreshet Yerushalayim, and the Applied Research Institutes.

Shalom Hartman Institute

"Founded on the belief that Judaism and the State of Israel must embody the principles of religious pluralism and respect for multiple approaches to Jewish life," the homepage for the institute describes its courses and publications, its calendar and conferences, and provides a list of faculty members.

Spertus College

The searchable home page of this Chicago based school describes the Jewish Studies degree programs and the courses in the Center for Nonprofit Management. Details about the current lecture series and continuing education courses are also available. Information about the museum, library, Holocaust center, and Chicago Jewish Archives is provided as well.

Steinsaltz Center

The website provides information about Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz and access to his books, essays and videos.

Steinsaltz Center

The Steinsaltz Center is the umbrella organization for all of the activities of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz). Its goal is to promote the Rabbi’s mission of "Let My People Know.”

Torah Mitzion Religious Kollels

This portal to religious kolllels and midrashot worldwide provides access to news and publications along with a list of the institutions by location and links to their sites. There is also a library of instructional materials available.

Touro College

The home page of this New York based institution describes the undergraduate and graduate programs the school offers in the United States and Israel. Information about the schools departments and faculty is also available.

Virtual Beit Midrash

From this Hebrew and English site of Yeshivat Har Etzion you can sign up for online classes in Tanach, Talmud, halacha, philosophy and the Jewish holidays. There is also information about the group's publications.

Web Yeshiva

Created by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, this site describes itself as an online yeshiva and midrasha. You can browse the schedule and sign up for shiurim. There are also links to Torah resources and online sefarim as well as an archive of recorded classes and podcast.

Yeshiva University

The searchable home page of this New York based Orthodox institution describes its undergraduate, graduate, professional, rabbinical, and cantorial programs, along with information about its museum and high schools. Details about faculty, admissions requirements, student services, and athletics are provided, and there is a searchable email directory. Of particular note are the university's libraries which are searchable online.

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

Information about this rabbinical school in Riverdale, New York founded by Rabbi Avi Weiss that trains modern Orthodox rabbis. The site describes the programs, faculty and publications of the school.

Yeshivat Maharat

Located in New York, this school describes its program as “confirming Orthodox women as halakhic and spiritual leaders.” The website provides its program of study and a set of resources.

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