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Ezras Torah

Full text of the popular synagogue calendar that provides a detailed explanation of daily prayers and how they are affected by holidays.


Created by Danny Sadinoff, this site provides conversions for Hebrew and civil dates, yahrzeits, candle lighting times, Torah readings and holidays. You can also download its software and use it on a variety of platforms.

Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths

This is an interesting group of scholarly articles on the Jewish calendar written by Remy Landau that explains in great detail how the calendar was devised and operates. There are links to relevant websites as well.

My Zmanim

This multilingual site calculates all kinds of important times for every location worldwide.

Perpetual Jewish Civil Calendar

On screen calculator that will translate a year on the civil calendar to the Hebrew calendar.

Yahrzeit Calendar Calculator

“Enter the Jewish or civil date of departure and this page will return the Yahrzeit dates for the next 20 years. “

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