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Scribal Arts

Keset HaSofer: Laws for Scribes

Created by Jen Taylor Friedman, this site provides access to the laws about being a Torah scribe, particularly with regard to the question of whether women can engage in this activity.

Created by the Baal Shem Tov Society, this site provides information and stories about mezuzot, along with detailed information from a sofer about the writing of a mezuzah.

Sofer Stam

This commercial website of Mordechai Pinchas in the UK provides information about scribal arts including a video guide to writing each letter of the Hebrew alphabet in the form appropriate for a Torah scroll or mezuzah.

Sofer Stam

This commercial site in English and Hebrew provides videos and information about issues related to tefillin, and the writing of Torah scrolls and mezuzot.

Stam Net

This commercial site provides sample handwritings that illustrate the differences between Ashkenazic and Sephardic hands in writing the scrolls in the tefillin.

Torah Scroll Online

This is an innovative web site, where it is possible to view a handwritten Torah scroll, page by page. Each page is accompanied by comments related to writing the scroll, questions for comment, or fine points of the text. The site has links to other sites related to writing a Torah scroll.

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