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Adelaide Hits:842
Description:Details of Jewish organizations and facilities in Adelaide are provided at this site along with general information on climate, leisure, cost of living, health services, schooling, and sports.
Submitted On:2003-01-01

Australian Jewish News Hits:1580
Description:"From its humble beginnings in 1895 as the Hebrew Standard of Australasia, the Australian Jewish News has grown into a quintessential part of the story of Australian Jewry." In addition to news, its website provides a searchable directory of Jewish businesses and groups.
Submitted On:2009-12-21

Australian Jewish Writers Database Hits:1198
Description:Browsable database of Austrlian Jewish writers. The site also has a bibliographies, theses, and journals about Austrlian Jewish writing.
Submitted On:2009-12-21

Jewish Australia Hits:1034
Description:Searchable and browsable portal to information about Jewish life in Australia including synagogues, events, schools, kashrut facilities, organizations, and relevant links.
Submitted On:2004-10-12

Jewish Community Council of Victoria Hits:1317
Description:Details about kosher facilities and community life and events in Victoria, Australia are available at this site.
Submitted On:2006-12-12

Kosher Kiwi Directory Hits:1048
Description:Created by the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, this browsable database lists kosher products available in New Zealand.
Submitted On:2004-10-12

New Zealand Jewish Archives Hits:573
Description:Basic information about the archives and several relevant links to resources about Jewish life in Australia and New Zealand.
Submitted On:2010-10-24

Ozzies Inter.Net Hits:782
Description:This magazine style home page is the "electronic voice of Jewish Australia" and contains information about the community and its synagogues, educational institutions, libraries, youth movements, organizations, kashrut services, board of deputies, federation, sports programs, and community council. You can read profiles of Jewish Australians and general articles of Jewish interest. In addition, the site sponsors two free email discussion groups. Of particular note is the browsable, alphabetic listing of a large variety of Jewish institutions and services in Australia. This is an excellent starting point for surveying the Australian Jewish world.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

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