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Web Links For: Israeli Tourist Information
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Access Israel Hits:885
Description:This Hebrew and English site was created by the Association for the Advancement of Accessibility in Israel and is designed as The Israeli Accessible Tourism Resource Center. Subtitled The Ultimate Guide for the Disabled and Elderly Tourists to Israel, itoffers a searchable database of information about accessible sites by region and city. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2004-08-20

Audio Tour of Israel Hits:210
Description:Masbiran “provides relevant information at lookouts and tourism sites for the general public and for visitors traveling without tour guides.” You can click on the interactive map and be taken to a site that allows you to listen to information about it in English or Hebrew.
Submitted On:2016-01-04

DatiNet Hits:2056
Description:Subtitled "the tourism and entertainment guide to Israel for the religious community and those who observe kashrut," this searchable database allows to look for hotels, restaurants, attractions and special deals throughout the country.
Submitted On:2006-06-25

Discover Israel Inside Travel Guide Hits:786
Description:You can locate all types of tourist information from this directory that addresses car rentals, cities, educational institutions, entertainment, travel insurance, flights, hotels, travel tips, attractions, maps, guide books, tours, visas, and the weather. Free quotes for hotel stays and tours are available along with listings of other free services provided to tourists. This is a comprehensive, well designed site that provides an abundance of information for the tourist to Israel.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Drive Israel Hits:653
Description:Created by Judith Isaacson, this English language site offers self-guided tours that you can take while driving around the country. The site is key word searchable and browsable by area of the country.
Submitted On:2007-12-27

Gems in Israel Hits:713
Description:This online magazine that highlights places of interest for both first time visitors to Israel and for those who have traveled there previously. Its full text articles describe major attractions and little known side sites that complement them. You may receive the magazine by email and also browse through issues back to 1999. This is a well written and informative resource.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Go Israel Hits:687
Description:Created by the Ministry of Tourism in North America, this site offers sections for tourists, travel agents, and tour and group organizers. For tourists, there is basic information about the country, Israel by regions, and all aspects of the country including events, holidays, and news. Of particular note is the list of U.S. based travel agents who have completed a certification course as Israeli travel specialists. There are also listings for cruise lines, hotel representatives, car rentals, public transportation and airlines. The index offers access to 10,000 tourism resources. You may also order a tourist kit from the ministry. Travel agents are also provided with information on the ministrys travel agent courses, conventions, and fact file. In addition there is a list of wholesalers and tour operators. The last section is divided into areas for Jewish, Christian, and Moslem tour leaders with relevant planning information for each.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

I Travel Israel Hits:373
Description:“Discover over 4,580 unique places in Israel spread in 247 areas of interest” on this site in English and Hebrew that has a searchable database of attractions, restaurants and accommodations throughout the country.
Submitted On:2015-01-23

Israel and You Hits:368
Description:Provides information about attractions, accommodations, restaurants and tours.
Submitted On:2016-05-10

Israel Inside Out Hits:782
Description:Created by three Israeli tour guides, this site offers information about sites to see in various parts of the country.
Submitted On:2012-11-26

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You are here: Main > Israeli Tourist Information

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