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Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation Hits:647
Description:This site details the story of Jews who escaped from the ghettos, became partisans, and fought the Nazis. The foundation is collecting archival material and oral histories from former partisans and has produced a documentary film about them.
Submitted On:2004-08-30

Jewish Resistance in the Holocaust Hits:423
Description:Created by the Organization of Partizans, Underground and Ghetto Fighters, this site in Hebrew and English provides primary source material about Jewish resistance to the Nazis in the ghettos, forests, and concentration camps. The site is searchable by keyword and browsable by subject.
Submitted On:2009-03-23

Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust Tell Their Stories Hits:254
Description:Collected by the British Library, “these recordings are powerful personal accounts of the Holocaust from Jewish survivors living in Britain. This collection contains interviews from two oral history projects, the Living Memory of the Jewish Community and the Holocaust Survivors Centre Interviews.”
Submitted On:2015-01-06

Kindertransport Association  Hits:603
Description:"The Kindertransport Association (KTA) is a not-for-profit organization of child holocaust survivors who were sent, without their parents, out of Austria, Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia to Great Britain." Contact information is given for regional chapters and affiliated organizations; there are also memoirs and links to related sites.
Submitted On:2004-08-30

Literature of the Holocaust Hits:331
Description:This browsable and searchable bibliography of literature related to the Shoah is maintained by Al Filreis at the University of Pennsylvania.
Submitted On:2010-04-04

Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross Hits:177
Description:From the Art Gallery of Ontario comes this collection of 4,000 images from its Henryk Ross Collection. The site is searchable and provides resources for students and teachers.
Submitted On:2016-01-04

Map of Execution Sites During the Shoah Hits:280
Description:Yahad – In Unum is an organization dedicated to identifying mass Jewish execution sites and mass graves in the former Soviet Union. The organization collects forensic evidence and seeks out eyewitnesses to the executions of Jews and Roma to identify holocaust sites where the Nazis and their allies murdered Jews in towns and villages throughout Eastern Europe. If you select a red dot on the map you can read details about the site, including the number of witnesses interviewed and details and videos from eye witnesses.
Submitted On:2015-01-06

March of the Living Hits:451
Description:The March of the Living is an international, educational program that brings Jewish teens from all over the world to Poland to retrace the death march from Auschwitz to Birkenau and then to Israel. In addition to sections for alumni and parents, there is also a chat room and an online curriculum for the program. Alumni may also participate in a virtual online conference.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Missing Identity  Hits:1817
Description:The Missing Identity website helps child survivors of Holocaust find information about their own past and that of their families. The site is searchable and browsable by last name and also offers profiles of the children and stories by them.
Submitted On:2006-06-26

Montreal Memorial Holocaust Centre Hits:115
Description:Information In English and French about this museum in Canada about the Shoah.
Submitted On:2016-11-10

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You are here: Main > Holocaust

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