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Judaica News – Jews on Stamps Hits:281
Description:“Judaica News, the Judaic Thematic Society Newsletter, was first issued in September 2005. The first 59 issues were emailed as Word documents and, with one or two exceptions, without illustrations. After November 2010, Judaica News was regularly emailed in pdf form, with illustrations. All issues are here preserved in pdf form.”
Submitted On:2014-12-24

Loris Mish Mash Jewish Humor Page Hits:571
Description:Created and maintained by Lori Sheiman, this is an extensive collection of Jewish jokes and humor found on the Internet and organized alphabetically. The site also contains a special section on holiday humor, links to other Jewish and jokes sites, and an update list you can sign up to receive by email. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Maccabi USA Hits:619
Description:Details about this organization devoted to encouraging Jewish sports activities worldwide. The site includes information about the Pan Am Games, Maccabiah Games, golf tournaments, a calendar of events, alumni, and sponsors as well as the groups newsletter SportScene. Links to sites about Jewish and Israeli sports on the web are also available.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Maccabi World Union Hits:807
Description:Maccabi World Union comprises 6 confederations: Maccabi Israel, European Maccabi confederation, confederation Maccabi North America, confederation Maccabi Latin America (CLAM), Maccabi South Africa and Maccabi Australia (APA). The site provides information about the organization and its branches, its archive, museum, educational programs, and history. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2005-10-31

Mosaic: The Jewish Outdoor Clubs Hits:635
Description:Mosaic Outdoor (Mountain) Clubs is a network of non-profit organizations dedicated to organizing outdoor, active, and/or environmental activities for Jewish adults. There are approximately 20 clubs located throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel. The site provides information about upcoming events, a listing of local clubs and forums, the history and bylaws of the group, as well as links to other Jewish and outdoor organizations. You can also sign up to receive an email newsletter. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Society of Israel Philatelists Hits:997
Description:This organization is devoted to the study and collection of Israeli stamps and stamps of Judaic interest. The site includes chapters news by region, information on the educational fund, research projects, monthly news, and membership and also sponsors a kids room. Access to portions of the groups IP Magazine is also provided.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Sol Singer Collection of Philatelic Judaica Hits:533
Description:This site provides images of selected stamps from the collection housed at the Emory University Library. It includes stamps issued by Israel from 1948-2002, stamps honoring notable Jews and depicting events from the Bible, and examples of stamps produced by the Jewish National Fund as a fundraising source, along with links to other sites dealing with Jewish philately. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2004-08-30

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