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Harkavy Yiddish Dicitonary Hits:1657
Description:This site contains the scanned text of the 6th edition of Harkavys Yiddish-English Dictionary, and the 11th edition of his English-Yiddish Dictionary, both from 1910.
Submitted On:2010-10-24

In Geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies Hits:83
Description:“In geveb aims to be a central address for the study of all things Yiddish—the focal point for discussions of Yiddish literature, language, and culture, and 
the home for the next generation of Yiddish scholarship.” The site provides open access to its articles, translations, reviews and interviews. Of particular interest is the set of articles on resources for research in Yiddish topics, many by Zachary Baker.
Submitted On:2017-08-27

Index to Yiddish Periodicals Hits:697
Description:From Hebrew University comes this bibliographical data base for the materials published in the Yiddish press in Eastern Europe, from its beginnings (1862) up to 1939 (in the Soviet Union up to 1948). You can browse the data base by author, title, source, date, genre and subject. In addition, is also a thematic index. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2006-06-25

Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry Hits:712
Description:This collection, housed at McGill University in Montreal, consists of 2300 Yiddish books, mostly poetry titles, that were collected by a Bronx garment worker. The entire collection is searchable online and can be browsed by subject and by index. The introduction to the catalog, written by Goldie Sigal and a table of name equivalents are also provided. An online exhibit displaying many of the book covers and collected post cards is presented as well.
Submitted On:2003-01-05

Klezmer Shack Hits:526
Description:Everything you ever wanted to know about klezmer music you can find at this comprehensive, searchable site by Ari Davidow. You can locate people, and bands by name and location, radio shows, sheet music, recordings, instruments, organizations, and record label contacts. There are reviews, top ten lists, news, a calendar of events, and online discussions in Virtual Ashkenaz, as well as an extensive set of links to klezmer articles on the Internet. This is an excellent starting point for anything related to klezmer music.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

League for Yiddish Hits:103
Description:Information on this organization founded in 1979 by prominent Yiddish linguist and professor Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter in order to provide organizational support for the modernization, standardization and use of the Yiddish language in all spheres of daily life. The site provides access to indexes of their magazine, Afn Shvel, their Yiddish primers and publications, and details about their projects and events. The site is in Yiddish and English.
Submitted On:2016-11-10

Lebns-Fragn Hits:527
Description:Yiddish language Bundist monthly journal from Israel.
Submitted On:2009-08-07

National Yiddish Book Center Hits:565
Description: Founded by Aaron Lansky and located in Amherst, Massachusetts, this center is "dedicated to rescuing unwanted and discarded Yiddish books and sharing the treasures they contain" with research libraries worldwide. Their home page describes the center, its programs, exhibits, and courses. There is an online virtual tour of the center, as well as details on how to donate books to the center and order sheet music from them. You can view the tables of contents and selected articles from the centers publication Pakn Treger and access its archives dating back to 1997.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Online Yiddish Course Hits:560
Description:Study Yiddish sounds and script at this site with Ulrike Kiefer and Robert Neumann.
Submitted On:2003-01-19

Vilnius Yiddish Institute Hits:372
Description:Home page of “the first Yiddish center of higher learning to be established in post- Holocaust Eastern Europe,” this site describes the programs and research of the institute and provides links to classic Yiddish texts and resources on contemporary Yiddish. http://www.judaicvilnius.com
Submitted On:2014-12-19

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You are here: Main > Yiddish

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