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National Anglo-Jewish Heritage Trail Hits:222
Description:Walking tours created to celebrate 350 years of Jews in England. Each tour provides information about Jewish sites of interest along the route. There is also a set of relevant links.
Submitted On:2014-12-24

Organisation of Jewish Communities in the Netherlands Hits:339
Description:In Dutch and English this site describes the organizations history and work and provides Jewish religious articles and local news.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Oslo Hits:345
Description:This bilingual site in Norwegian and English provides details about the Jewish community and its organizations as well as information of interest to tourists. There is a calendar of events and a list of contact people within the community as well.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Paris Kosher Restaurants Hits:386
Description:Created by David Cohen, this site in English and French provides a list of kosher restaurants arranged by arrondisement for Paris, and by region of the country for the areas outside the capital. Basic contact information, type of cuisine and rabbinical supervision are listed. There are also tips for the kosher visitor to France and a list of synagogues, Judaica shops, and mohelim in Paris.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Rede de Judiarias de Portugal- Network of Jewish Quarters of Portugal Hits:200
Description:This site presents tourist information about sites of Jewish interest in Portugal.
Submitted On:2014-12-25

Scottish Council of Jewish Communities Hits:286
Description:Located in Glasgow, “the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) is the representative body of all the Jewish communities in Scotland.” In addition to information about the organization and its publication, the site provides details about Jews in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Tayside and Fife.
Submitted On:2013-01-24

Spanish Language Jewish Life Hits:379
Description:Focusing on establishing communication among Spanish speaking Jews, this searchable site hosts a number of chat rooms and areas where members may post personal pictures. You can subscribe to a Spanish newsletter about Judaism and look at the sections about holidays, recipes, and links to other Jewish and Israeli sites.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Stockholm Hits:454
Description:Information about and links to resources of interest to tourists traveling to Stockholm, Sweden. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2004-11-15

Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities Hits:209
Description:Information In English, French and German about the Jewish communities in Switzerland as well as details about the work of the organization, including information about kosher meat and the Breslau Library.
Submitted On:2014-12-25

Synagogues in Germany Hits:180
Description:This German language site provides information about the Jewish communities in Germany in alphabetical order.
Submitted On:2014-12-21

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