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Communaute Online Hits:1780
Description:This site houses the home pages of many associations and publications related to the Jewish community of France. There is an alphabetic listing of sites hosted here, as well as a number of discussion forums, personal announcements, and links to relevant international, French language, and Jewish web pages. Of particular note are the directories of synagogues and kosher restaurants arranged by Parisian arrondisements and the section on various communities throughout France.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Consistoire of Paris Hits:1120
Description:This French language site describes the major Jewish community organization of Paris created by Napoleon. Information on its constituent groups, its beth din, kashrut supervision, educational programs, and events along with an extensive collection of French language Jewish sites. Of particular note for tourists is the list of kosher restaurants under the supervision of the Consistoire.
Submitted On:2003-01-01

Crete Hits:1080
Description:This homepage for the Etz Hayyim Synagogue of Crete offers information about the history of the Cretan community, including a bibliography. There are details about the synagogue and a list of tourist attractions in the area.
Submitted On:2004-08-20

Cyprus Hits:508
Description:Created by Chabad, this site provides information for residents and tourists about Jewish life in Cyprus.
Submitted On:2007-11-09

European Jewish Congress Hits:939
Description:"Based in Paris, with offices in Brussels, Strasbourg, Berlin and Budapest, the EJC federates and co-ordinates the 40 elected leaders of national Jewish communities in Europe, encompassing approximately 2.5 million Jews." Its homepage provides information about the activities of the group. Of particular note are the descriptions of each community within the Congress.
Submitted On:2006-12-12

Everything Jewish in the UK Hits:547
Description:An extensive, magazine style home page covering world Jewish news, Jewish holidays, life cycle and social events in the United Kingdom. There are a number of guides including a synagogue directory, a travel guide to Israel, a Jewish film guide, and a glossary of Jewish terms. Of particular note is the extensive UK kosher guide offering information on all types of kashrut issues, guides to Jewish life in North England, New Zealand, and Ireland, a people locator for finding lost friends, a large number of discussion boards and personal, real estate, and classified ads. The entire site is searchable and you can sign up for an email newsletter. If you are looking for anything related to Jewish life in the United Kingdom, this is an excellent starting point.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Federation of Swiss Jews Hits:507
Description:This site, in English, German, and French, provides facts and figures about the Jewish community in Switzerland, a nationwide calendar of events by region, a list of contacts, and relevant links.
Submitted On:2005-10-02

Finland Hits:421
Description:Provided by Lubavitch of Finland, this site contains information of interest to tourists going to Finland. I
Submitted On:2006-06-26

Germany Hits:569
Description:This English section of this site provides listings of kashrut facilities, Jewish communal organizations and candle lighting times for cities throughout Germany. The German portion has more extensive material including a guide to Jewish life cycle, holidays, and religious practices.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Goteborg Sweden Hits:1012
Description:This site, largely in Swedish, describes the Jewish community in Goteborg, Sweden.
Submitted On:2004-08-20

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