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Web Links For: Discussions of Traditional Jewish Studies
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Mail Jewish Torah and Halacha Hits:663
Description:Maintained by Avi Feldblum, this web site houses the discussions of the listserv Mail Jewish, the oldest Torah and Halacha based computer mailing list. "Mail Jewish was founded in 1986 for the purpose of discussing Jewish topics in general within an environment where the validity of Halacha and the Halakhic process is accepted, as well as for the discussion of topics of Halakha." From this site you can access search the listservs archives, browse a subject index to it, check the hypertext edition, and read articles in its special topics collections. Of particular note are the articles and Information about Rav Soloveicheck ZT"Land the collection of Rabbinic statements and reactions following the Rabin assassination. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Mishna Yomit Hits:317
Description:Access to articles and learning aides to help you learn a section of Mishna daily. There is also information about finding a class on the subject.
Submitted On:2014-12-24

Mishnah on the Parshah Hits:466
Description:Insights on the weekly parashah as seen through the lens of the Mishna from the Society for the Study of Mishnah.
Submitted On:2008-10-19

Real Clear Daf Hits:154
Description:Created by Rabbi Shmuel Wise, this site uses audio and video to review the daf yomi. There are also Apple and Android apps you can download to follow the lessons.
Submitted On:2017-02-15

Tanach Together at 929 Hits:393
Description:“Drawing its name from the 929 chapters of the Hebrew Bible, the project aims to get hundreds of thousands of Israelis from all walks of life to complete the corpus over three-and-a-half years by covering five chapters a week.” The goal of the Hebrew language site is to involve everyone in Bible study. “In addition, the site features explanatory videos and cultural artifacts—from comics to music clips—related to the weekly chapters and a detailed timeline allowing participants to track their progress; it can even read the Bible aloud to the visually impaired or those on the go. “
Submitted On:2015-01-16

Tanach Yomi Hits:222
Description:Created by Yaakov Ellis and Binyamin Miller, the goal of this site is to help people learn the Bible one day at a time. “Initially we will be posting summaries, review questions and points of interest, going chapter-by-chapter, starting in the beginning of Neviim (Prophets), with the goal of covering five chapters a week.”
Submitted On:2015-01-16

Torah Anytime Hits:592
Description:TorahAnytime.com is an organization started by Shimon and Reuven KaylYakov, two Bukharian Jews in Queens, New York. Their site features videos of lectures given in their community. The site is searchable by speaker or title of the video.
Submitted On:2010-06-20

Torah Lab Hits:245
Description:Material on the Jewish holidays and the life cycle from Rabbi Yaacov Haber site.
Submitted On:2014-12-19

Torah Media  Hits:683
Description:Torah Media has thousands of free Jewish mp3 audio downloads and a lending library of Jewish speakers. It bills itself as the most comprehensive Torah audio lending library available online.
Submitted On:2008-10-19

Torah Search Hits:602
Description:Billing itself as "an online Torah search engine," this site compiles shiurim from a variety of sources and lists them by subject. The site is also searchable by keyword.
Submitted On:2004-11-15

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You are here: Main > Discussions of Traditional Jewish Studies

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