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Web Links For: Theater and Film
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KosherTube Hits:334
Description:Created by The Riverdale Jewish Community Centre, this site presents videos to inform and educate members of the Jewish community and the general public about the practice of traditional Judaism and matters related to Israel and Jewish Culture. You can search the site and browse by category.
Submitted On:2014-12-19

Maale School of Television and Film Arts Hits:1065
Description:Located in Jerusalem, this unique school "trains filmmakers to produce work inspired by and linked to their Jewish heritage, fostering a unique connection between the world of media and Jewish culture. The school aims to build bridges between Jewish tradition and social experience, as well as between the religious and secular worlds." Information about the school is available, along with a catalog of its films that are available for purchase.
Submitted On:2005-12-29

Movie Channel of Israel Hits:292
Description:Think of this as a Hebrew YouTube for rabbis.
Submitted On:2014-12-21

National Center for Jewish Film Hits:653
Description:The home page for this center, housed at Brandeis University, details information about new releases and special events. Of particular note are the browsable database of films in distribution, arranged by category and available for sale, and the listing of film screenings world wide.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Research Library and Archives of Jewish Theater Hits:794
Description:"This site is designed for those interested in research of Jewish theater. Its focus is study of Jewish national art theater as a cultural andsocial phenomenon of the late 19th - 20th centuries as well as histories of particular theatrical enterprises: GOSET (Russia), Habima (Russia, Palestine, Israel), Artef (USA), etc. The site comprises a wide scope of materials including scholarship and documentary sources along with graphic images and links to electronic resources." There are indices of articles, pictures, bibliographies, primary sources, and Internet resources. The entire site is searchable.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Ruth Diskin Films Hits:1947
Description:Searchable and browsable database of films on Jews and Israel distributed by Ruth Diskin Films.
Submitted On:2010-04-04

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive Hits:553
Description:Housed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, this collection of more than 3,000 Jewish films focusing on Israel, the Diaspora, and the Holocaust, has an online searchable catalog. The archive plans to make many of its films viewable on the Internet. Its website provides access to its newsletters that can be browsed by date as well as information about festivals and online exhibits. You can also purchase videos and posters through the website.
Submitted On:2003-05-16

Streaming Israeli Films Hits:234
Description:Register for free to watch streaming Israeli videos and documentaries from this initiative of the Israel Film Center at The JCC in Manhattan.
Submitted On:2016-01-04

Video Judaica Hits:2110
Description:Video Judaica is a non-profit video sale and rental organization specializing in films of Jewish interest. Its online catalog is browsable by title.
Submitted On:2005-10-02

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