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Sephardi Voices Hits:1017
Description:Sephardi Voices is an audio-visual archive that documents and preserves life stories and photographs from around the world. Interviews are conducted in three major languages, Hebrew, French and English, as well as Judeo-Arabic, Ladino and Haquetia.
Submitted On:2016-11-10

Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus Hits:497
Description:Begun in 1998, "the central aim of the Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus is to promote the integration of Sephardi and Mizrahi Studies into general Jewish Studies, both in teaching and in scholarship." This home page, maintained by librarian Rachel Simon, provides links to organizations and resources, scholars and their research, courses, syllabi, conferences, and grants in the field.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Sephardic Horizons Hits:312
Description:This electronic magazine, which began publication in 2011, focuses on topics about Sephardim. The full text of the articles are available, as are those of back issues.
Submitted On:2011-06-12

Sephardic Music Hits:425
Description:Created byJoel Bresler, this website showcases over 100 years of recorded Sephardic music, exploring in detail the earliest Sephardic recordings, the artists who made them, and their repertory and performance practices. The database is searchable by artist, label, and song.
Submitted On:2008-10-31

Sephardic Pizmonim Project Hits:441
Description:This site is devoted to the liturgical traditions of the Middle Eastern Sephardic Jewish communities, with a particular emphasis on the melodies and rules of Syrian hazzanut. The site is browsable by category and provides many examples of cantillations in mp3 format.
Submitted On:2009-05-31

Sephardim.Org Hits:496
Description:Created by David Silvera, this site focuses on Jamaican Jewry and includes section on the communitys history and genealogical resources. There is also an area describing the history of Neveh Shalom, the synagogue in Spanish Town. Of particular note is the section on Spanish and Portuguese liturgy which provides sample sound files for Shabbat and the holidays as well as the Torah and Haftorah cantillations.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Spanish Portuguese Hub Hits:248
Description:This site serves as a hub of communal information about Western Sephardim, the Jews of Spain and Portugal around the world. The site includes information about their food, customs, texts, melodies and communities.
Submitted On:2014-12-25

The Folk Literature of Sephardic Jews Hits:533
Description:A multimedia archive of ballads and other oral literature in Judeo-Spanish collected from 1957 to 1993 by Samuel G. Armistead (University of California, Davis), the late Joseph H. Silverman (University of California, Santa Cruz), and Israel J. Katz. You can search the archive by words and phrases, view the tapes by date and place of recording, and listen to the recordings with Real Player.
Submitted On:2005-10-31

Tunisian Jews Hits:501
Description:Through this searchable site in English and French you can learn about the history, religion, customs, arts, food, and music of the Tunisian community. There are also ads, a chat room, photos, and a hypertext list of Tunisian cities.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Turkish Jews Hits:509
Description:Information on the history of the Jews of Turkey, the Struma tragedy, and the synagogues of Turkey, along with a list of relevant links.
Submitted On:2006-11-15

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You are here: Main > Sephardim

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