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Web Links For: The Peace Process
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Abraham Fund Hits:510
Description:Committed to coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel, this groups home page describes its goals, offers access to local chapters, an interactive quiz, an online newsletter, list of events, and related links. There is a database of funded projects searchable by organization name, project name, subject area, and funding year along with an faq about how to apply for funding. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Americans for Peace Now Hits:453
Description:This searchable site describes the work of this American organization in support of Shalom Achshav, the Peace Now movement in Israel. News updates, calls to action, a calendar of events, and notices of Capitol Hill Conferences are all available here along with a set of links to peace and Middle East links.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Middle East Peace Dialogue Network Hits:277
Description:Founded by Richard C. Goodwin, this site provides links to groups involved in promoting dialogue in the Middle East.
Submitted On:2009-08-07

Neil Lazarus Hits:416
Description:Despite the fact that this site was created to promote the seminars of Neil Lazarus, it contains over 300 pages of material related to the peace process including current news, relations with Syria, maps of the region, political party platforms, primary source documents, material on Israeli society, Iraq, terror groups, Rabin`s assassination, a glossary, lexicon of places, biographies, Palestinian issues, and even the Holocaust. Submitted On:2002-05-02
Submitted On:2003-11-03

Peace Database Hits:208
Description:Created by the Israel Ministry of Education and Amal, this searchable Hebrew language database provides access to hundreds of articles about the peace process.
Submitted On:2009-12-21

Peace Encyclopedia Hits:411
Description:This full text encyclopedia is browsable by subject, major topic, and keyword searchable. It covers the major people, places, and events associated with the peace process between Israel and its Arab neighbors, as well as conflicts such as that between the Moslems and the Hindus. This is a very useful source of information on current peace issues, written from a moderate perspective.
Submitted On:2004-08-20

Professors for a Strong Israel Hits:703
Description:The home page of this group which "expresses opposition to the policies of the Rabin Government that endanger the security of the State of Israel," presents the groups views, its statements to the press, an opportunity to join its and related mailing lists, and a document archive of primary source materials supporting its positions. There is a set of related links as well. THIS IS AN UPDATED URL.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Women In Green Hits:516
Description:The home page of this group that urges caution in the peace process negotiations describes the groups positions and offers a photo and poster gallery, a mailing list, and links to sites expressing similar views.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies Hits:447
Description:This English and Hebrew site describes the work of this center devoted to the continuation of the work begun by Yitzhak Rabin when he served as Prime Minister. There is information on the archive, library, research institute, fellows program, grants, conferences, and public lectures. Details about the educational programs and materials produced by the center are also available, along with extensive sections on the life and words of Yitzhak Rabin and his assassination.
Submitted On:2002-04-22

You are here: Main > The Peace Process

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